Hot Tub Shows and Hot Tub Expo Making a Comeback

It’s been nearly four months since the first states started putting into place strict, stay-at-home orders during the early COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. During those first three months almost every hot tub expo, hot tub show, hot tub sale, home show, or fair had been canceled. That was until about two weeks ago as Governers of each state have slowly started to open business back up in phases with some states moving faster than others and also offering looser parameters. In a short amount of time, we’ve seen several show promotors start to kick their events back into gear with shows going on recently in New Orleans, North Carolina, and Texas. On the websites for these events you see COVID-19 warnings and safety precautions so that these events can be done as safely as possible (disinfecting surfaces, social distancing, wearing masks, and hand sanitizer stations). Some promoters are encouraging reservations or scheduled appointments in order to control crowds and limit foot traffic. These events are likely seeing large attendance as demand for hot tubs and swim spas has spiked during the pandemic. People have repurposed funds away from things like vacations and directed them towards home improvement and home recreation. We aren’t sure how long these shows will last especially given the second wave of COVID 19 cases that are now being publicized. If you’re in the market then now might be the time to act.

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