Designing a Hot Tub – How to Build a Custom Hot Tub

Want a custom built hot tub? Easier said than done as very few portable hot tub manufacturers will fabricate you a hot tub from scratch. 

However, there are many manufacturers that come close by offering various models in different jet counts (and equipment), along with different options and upgrades that in the end get you a highly customized hot tub but at a much more reasonable price than if you had one built from scratch.

A few such manufacturers include Artesian Spas, Coast Spas, Clearwater Spas, and a few others.

With the aforementioned brands you can select a particular model (shell configuration) and pick a jet package (for example 30 jets and 2 pumps or 60 jets and 3 pumps) and then pick and choose options and upgrades like;

1. Waterfalls – Most of these hot tub brands let you add one or two waterfalls depending on your liking. Some spas brands offer one, two, or three water features options and in many cases they are different styles so you can pick the one you like best or take them all if you want to deck it all out.
2. Stereos – Most hot tub manufacturers offer different types of stereo systems. Some do CD stereos or some do Bluetooth stereos.
3. Colored LED Mood Lightning – Most hot tub manufactures offer different levels of LED lighting so a buyer can pick and choose what suits them best. Some brands offer as many as four different lighting packages.
4. Water Purification System – These could be saltwater, ozone, or UVC light.

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  1. We’re planning an entertainment area for our large backyard, and a customized hot tub sounds like an amazing idea. Installing one with the features you talked about could be a great use of its space, especially if we can integrate it with the rest of the deck. I’ll go and ask a pool contractor for some extra help with this so we can enjoy a much more entertaining backyard.

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