Deepest Swim Spas and Exercise Pools for 2024

deepest swim spasLooking for a deep exercise pool or swim spa? Look no further as you will find a complete and thorough list below of the deepest swim spas available on the market today.  First off, let’s take a moment to review why someone might want a deeper unit.  Swim spas have traditionally come in an industry standard height of 52″. Given the framing (base), acrylic shell (floor), and water level which all reduce water depth, a 52″ swim spa gives a person just under four feet.  Four feet is plenty of depth for most people to swim in utilizing a variety of different strokes. However, if you are a taller or larger person then the additional depth is useful or a flat-out necessity.

Also, if you are someone who enjoys doing any of the following underwater activities then a deeper swim spa that allows for full body or nearly full body immersion is important:

  • aerobics
  • exercises
  • stretches
  • yoga
  • sculpting workouts
  • physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Watsu therapy

Below is a list of manufacturers who offer deeper models that are currently available for 2024.  The deeper swim spa models range between 60″-63″ depending on brand and model. The additional 8-11″ inches is a game changer for those who need it. Depending on the size (mostly length) and features you can find these between $20,000-$45,000 :

  1. American Whirlpool MX6 Swim Spa (61″)
  2. Artesian SpasTidal Fit Exercise Pools and Swim Spas
    • Pro EP-15 (60″)
  3. Bullfrog Swim Series – Performance Class 180XD – Xtra Deep 60″ Tall
  4. Catalina SpasCatalina Swim Spas Pool 800 Series
    • Pool 800 Series 16′ (62″)
    • Pool 800 Series 21′ (62″)
  5. Endless Pools Endless Pool Swim Spas
    • E2000 – Endless Pools Fitness System (58″)
    • X2000 – SwimCross Exercise System (58″)
    • E700 – Endless Pool Fitness System (58″)
    • E550 – Endless Pool Fitness System (58″)
    • E500 – Endless Pool Fitness System (58″)
  6. Integrity SpasSwim Spa Hot Tubs
    • 19′ Jamaican Swim Spa Hot Tub (61″ )
    • 19′ Grand Cayman Extreme Dual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tub (61″)
    • 25′ Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa Hot Tub (61″ )
  7. Pinnacle Spas Swim Spa Models
    • AQ19 and AQX19 Swim Spas (58″)
    • Swim Spa Dual Zone 18′ (58″)
    • Swim Spa Swimmer 18′ (58″)
    • Swim Spa Swimmer 19′ (63″)
  8. Premium Leisure SpasSwim Spa Models
    • Swim Spas Swimmer 18′ (58″)
    • Swim Spas Swimmer 19′ (63″)
    • AQ19 and AQX19  Swim Spas (58″)
    • Swim Spa Dual Zone 18 (58″)
  9. Master SpasH2X Swim Spas
    • Trainer 15D Deep Swim Spa (60″)
    • Trainer 18 Jetted Swim Spa (60″)
    • Trainer 19D Deep Jetted Swim Spa (60″)
    • Therapool-D  (60″)
  10. Master SpasMichael Phelps Swim Spas
    • MP Signature Deep (60″)
    • MP Momentum Deep (60″)
  11. Vita SpasxStream Swim Spas
    • VM6 Swim Spa (61″)
  12. Wellis Spas – “SwimLine”
    1. Amazon W-Flow Swim Spa (57″)
    2. Danube W-Flow Swim Spa (57″)
  13. Passion Spas – Sport and Fitness Collection
    1. Swimspa Activity 1 Deep (60″)
    2. Swimspa Activity 2 Deep (60″)
    3. Swimspa Fitness 1 Deep (60″)

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13 thoughts on “Deepest Swim Spas and Exercise Pools for 2024

  1. I would like a large spa for a group of 10 adults for family gatherings. But it does not need to be deep. Are there any large ones that are not so deep?

    1. Yes, there is. You are probably going to be looking at an 8’ x 11’ (36” tall) model. It’s not super common in the industry but there are some manufacturers that build them. For example, Artesian Spas builds the “Bimini” model.
      You could also do a “party spa” which is a bit shorter in height than a swim spa (42-48”) which has benches all along the length of the swim area so it double as both a swim spa and entertainment spa.

  2. Does anyone have a list of hot tubs/spas that are NOT swim spas that are at least 42″ deep. I was looking at the Aquacisor by Thermospa and everything about it was perfect (we don’t really want a spa for the purpose of exercise but would be willing to take it if it meant a deep hot tub, however, those start at $12,000 and $8,000 is my absolute highest budget.

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