Bullfrog Spas A Series A9 Model Unveiled at the Pool and Spa Show

Utah based Bullfrog Spas is arguably one of the fastest growing hot tub brands in the world.  Their innovative and patented design is unmatched in the industry.  More importantly, they’ve defied the odds in an industry that is somewhat old school and stuck in its ways and have slowly made believers out of retailers and consumers.  Bullfrog struggled to find it’s place in the market in the early days because their revolutionary design was patented and therefor could not be adopted by other manufacturers in the industry and, I believe, for that reason the industry would shun them as a stepchild saying things like “they are the only ones who do it that way” and that their design was not best practice or else everyone would find a way to do it.  That was in the early 2000s and they’ve never looked back since as they’ve not only gained a strong foothold in the United States market they’ve done very well with distribution across the globe.  Nowadays, they seem to be at every home show and every fair in every major metropolitan market across the country.

To add to their product innovation and truly unique design, the company has made equally impressive strides in their point of sale tools and technology.   Their interactive kiosks (think giant iPad) and new “walk-in spa” are very cool.   The company is hoping to put in a “Walk-In Demo Spa” in every dealership across the country which will allow a potential buyer to literally walk into the hot tub and sit down in front of a screen wearing AR/VR googles and design their very own Bullfrog Spa. Bullfrog Spas foray into augmented reality and virtual reality to assist in selling hot tubs and enhancing the customer experience is likely to grow in popularity amongst other hot tub brands looking to do the same.

Bullfrog Walk-In Hot Tubs     

For 2019 Bullfrog has released its newest model to the A Series lineup of spas.  The model is called the A9 and is now the largest model available in the A Series.  It features seven jets packs and comfortably seats seven people.  The unit is roughly 8′ x 9′ and has a super clean fit and finish all the way down the gorgeous floating cabinet which doesn’t have any screws or hardware showing.

Bullfrog A9 Review

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