Augmented Reality for Hot Tubs and Swim Spa Sales

It was just a matter of time that augmented reality (AR) would take its place in the residential hot tub and swim industry. It’s also a very convenient time given the circumstances around the world with COVID-19 Pandemic which is confining millions of people to their homes.

Many hot tub manufacturers including Bullfrog Spas and Coast Spas have rolled out augmented reality sales software for iPads and iPhones that allow a hot tub shopper to overlay a new hot tub right into their own backyard. So many times we would hear objections in hot tub showrooms from customer who liked a particular hot tub in the showroom but struggled to envision what it might look like in their own backyards. Are the colors right? Does the shape work? Does the size work? Is it too far way? Is it an eyesore in that particular spot? The list goes which is why these new AR apps are sure to revolutionize the industry or at least provide a competitive advantage over those manufacturers who are not offering such tools.

Now a sales person can qualify a customer through the app before they come in the showroom which makes the sales process faster and more efficient. Or, they could have a customer bring in photos and walk them through models and placement in-person with a more consultative approach. Whatever way ones goes about it, AR is sure to change the way hot tub sales are done going forward.

Coast Spas offers an iPad and iPhone application called “Virtual Coast Spas” (VCS) that can overlay one of their hot tub models in any location in a customers backyard. The Coast VCS does have a few nuances. First, it requires an AR Target which must be a printed Coast Spas logo in blue with white background. The AR Targets also come in 5 different logo sizes which correspond with how large the hot tub model will be when overlaid on a background (the location in your yard). Basically, the larger the logo then the larger the hot tub will be when placed on the scenery or background. It’s important to have the right sized logo to represent the right size of hot tub based on where it’s going to go in your yard, deck, etc. Once you’ve got the right sized hot tub against your background then you can rotate the spa, add water, turn on the jets, turn on the waterfall feature(s), turn on the LED lights, and even turn on the jets to see it in action.

Bullfrog Spas is another brand on the forefront of technology. They are arguably the most technologically advanced hot tub when it comes to the hot tub models themselves and also the point of purchase tools which not only include an augmented reality tool but also full virtual reality experience where you can sit in an actual hot tub. Bullfrog’s VR tool has been out for almost two years and their new AR tool comes on the heals of that in an effort to take more objections out of the buying experience. This new technology also reinforces Bullfrog’s “Power Per Square Foot” Campaign which focuses on software tools, point of sale materials and tools, and business practices aimed at making the buying/selling experience more efficient, enjoyable, and more smooth.

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