American Select Spas

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Manufactured by LPI  Inc out of Johnson City, TN, American Select Spas are a private label, affordable hot tub line carried by select specialty hot tub retailers.

Additional brands/lines include:  Tranquility Series Spas, Lifestyle Series Spas, Swim & Exercise Spas, Water’s Edge Spas, Signature Spas, Catalina Spas, Atera Spas, Pinnacle Spas, Hudson Bay Spas, Home and Garden Spas, Aqua Gym Swim Spas, American Select Spas


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 3 reviews
 by Cher
Terrible Support

My husband and I recently purchased our first hot tub, the American Select Spas Bourbon spa. I have been very disappointed in both the dealer (Family Leisure of Birmingham, AL) and the manufacturer. First, the hot tub arrived with a damaged outer cabinet. We were told that wasn't a problem and that we would be sent replacements for the 2 damaged parts. A month later we're still waiting for the replacement parts. We were told the spa has a 5-year warranty (and it's printed on our receipt). I wanted to read the exact language of the warranty but it is nowhere to be found on the manufacturer's website. The website says, "Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind: A product warranty is a performance and reliability agreement between you and the manufacturer. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s warranty before buying, and compare coverage with other hot tubs you are considering." Well, this is on me. I should have researched more rather than buying quickly. American Select does not have its warranty posted ANYWHERE so you can read it! Most importantly, at least for a first time hot tub owner, the User Manual is pathetic. One would think that it would have a diagram showing what the various parts of the spa are and where they are located, as well as how to operate the control panel. This information cannot be found anywhere in the manual. Some examples of lack of information. The manual says, "Once your temperature settings have been programmed your water temperature will be maintained automatically." No where does the manual explain how to program your water temperature. The manual tells you to open the "drain bib" ... and run water until the water coming from the drain bib runs clear. What is the drain bib??? The user manual should be written for new spa owners and assume that we do not know these things (which we did not). The spa supposedly can be programmed to maximize energy efficiency, but no where in the manual does it explain how to program it. The manual says the spa has an economy mode - what is this used for? How do I put it into and out of economy mode? These are only a few of the many things the user manual does NOT explain. They also have no videos showing how to set up, operate, or maintain the spa. Most of the bigger name manufacturers have numerous how to videos either on their website or on Youtube. I definitely have buyer's remorse, not about buying a hot tub but for choosing the American Select Spas brand. I would love if I could return it and buy a better brand.

 by Noah
Best Spa For the Money

I give it 5 stars for quality and value. Best dollar for dollar @ Family Leisure

 by Susan

I have been waiting on a part for 3 months!!! No luck talking to ANYONE!!! ABSOLUTELY terrible service in ALL aspects!!