Best Swim Spa Brands of 2021

Do you want to skip going to the public pool to swim? If you want convenience, privacy, and accessibility then look no further than your own personal swim spa or exercise pool. There are nearly fifty manufacturers in the pool and spa industry that make portable swim spas (a.k.a swim-in-place pools) that can be installed in the backyard or inside the home. Many of the brands just dip their toes in this segment with only one or two models so that they can take a piece of the pie in what is the largest growth segment in the hot tub industry for the past ten years. Other brands take a deeper dive into swim spas by offering over a dozen different models.

Manufacturers with the Largest Offering;

Master Spas – 15 models (in various sizes) to choose from between all four of their swim spa lines.

  1. Michael Phelps Swim Spas – 3 models available featuring a propeller swim current system targeted towards more elite swimmers and athletes.
  2. H2X Swim Spas Challenger Series – 3 models available targeted towards the individual looking for backyard fitness and swimming. The Challenger Series still provides excellent performance but utilizes a jetted swim current (6 airless VIP Jets). The Challenger Series also features their “AquaSpeed VSP” which is touchscreen control panel that provides up to 25 variable speed settings and programmable workouts.
  3. H2X Trainer Swim Spas – 6 models available targeted at the individual looking for daily exercise and therapy. The H2X Trainer Series also utilizes the airless VIP Jets but comes with four swim jets instead of six like the Challenger Series.
  4. H2X Therapool Swim Spas – 3 models to choose from targeted at the individual looking for exercise, therapy, and recreation. The Therapools come with an air injected, jetted swim system that features up to 3 swim jets.

Endless Pools Swim Spas (Watkins Wellness) – The oldest and most dominant name in the swim spa category is Endless Pools. They are similar to Jacuzzi in that their brand name has become synonymous with the term “swim spa”. Aside from their “Original Endless Pool” line of built-in swim spas they offer 9 portable swim spa models that breakdown into three different categories. All categories also feature steel frame construction.

  1. Endless Pools Fitness Systems – The E-Series includes the E2000, E700, E550, and E500 portable swim spas. These units all features Endless Pools propeller generated swim current system targeted towards elite swimmers and athletes. There’s also the optional Endless Pools Fit@Home App which allows individuals to program customized workouts and monitor performance. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become popular with swimming to so you can use the Fit@Home App to program your own personal HIIT swim workout.
  2. Endless Pools SwimCross Exercise Systems – The X-Series includes the X2000, X500, and X200 portable swim spas. These units feature a jetted swim current with five speed settings for swimmers of all skill levels.
  3. Endless Pool RecSport – The R-Series includes the R500 and R200. The most economical of the three lines the RecSport models feature a jetted current with three swim speed settings.
  4. Endless Pools Original Series – The “Original Series” are built-in models that vary based on performance and features. There are five models which include “The Original”, “The Performance Pool”, “The High Performance Pool” ,”The Elite Pool”, and “The Dual Propulsion Pool”.

PDC Swim Spas – Definitely one of the biggest swim spa offerings in the industry with four distinct lines. Of importance is PDC’s TruSwim® dual propulsion swim spa featuring two side by side props that create one of the widest, smoothest, and most powerful swim currents on the market.

  1. TruSwim Propulsion Swim Spa Series – Four premium models ranging in size from 15′ – 19′. Models include the TSX15  (180″ x 92″ x 56″), TSX17 (204″ x 92″ x 56″), TSX19 (227″ x 92″ x 56″), and TSX219 Swim Spa and Hot Tub Combo (227″ x 92″ x 56″)
  2. Summit Premium Jetted Swim Spa Series
  3. Synergy Jetted Swim Spa Series
  4. Vitality Fitness Swim Spas Series

HydroPool Swim Spas

  1. AquaPlay Swim Spas
  2. AquaSport Swim Spas
  3. AquaTrainer Swim Spas
  4. Executive Sport Swim Spas
  5. Executive Trainer Swim Spas

Catalina Swim Spas

Tidal Fit Swim Spas (Artesian Spas)

Dynasty Swim Spas

Coast Spas Swim Collection (Vanishing Edge)

  1. Wellness 1300 Party Spas
  2. Wellness 1301 Play
  3. Wellness 1302 Performance
  4. Wellness 1303 Performance Plus
  5. Wellness 1400VE (Vanishing Edge)
  6. Wellness 1700VE (Vanishing Edge)
  7. Wellness 1900 DZ – Dual Zone (dual temperature swim spa)

Cal Swim Spas

Swim Life Swim Spas

ATV Swim Spas (Aquatic Training Vessels by Marquis Spas)

  1. ATV-17 Kona
  2. ATV-17 Sport
  3. ATV-14 Sport
  4. ATV-15 Splash
  5. Vector Series V150P SWIM SPA – Party Vessel or Party Spa layout which make for entertaining as well as exercise.
  6. Vector Series V150W SWIM SPA

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