Coronavirus Changing Hot Tub and Swim Spa Sales

Ok, let’s be honest, the internet has taken its fair share of hot tub and swim spa sales from traditional hot tub dealers and retailers over the last twenty years but an interesting shift has happened as of late during the coronavirus pandemic. Brick and mortar hot tub stores are getting even more scrappy in an effort to survive. They are doing online hot tub sales webinars aimed at educating local buyers on hot tubs and doing virtual sales presentations. One such dealer is Coastal Spas in California which has taken such innovative approach since traffic to their stores has diminished greatly amid the COVID 19 pandemic.  Zoom and other video conferencing platforms have been instrumental in using this strategy.

Selling premium hot tubs online has always been a challenge in the industry as online sales have always been a race to the bottom as online retailers and manufacturers have had to sell products primarily based on price. On the other hand, traditional hot tub stores have touted better variety, more options, higher quality, and ,most important, better post sales service and warranty support. The ability to sit in, touch, feel, and “look under the hood” of a hot tub is what makes a hot tub dealer network tick and why it has cemented its place in the supply chain.

Other technological tools have risen to the forefront to support local dealers such as augmented reality and virtual reality software. The AR tool is app based and allows a customer to overlay a hot tub model that they like on a particular location in their backyard to let them envision what it would look like.

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