What Hot Tub Brands Are the Most Energy Efficient?

Looking for an efficient hot tub?  How do you legitimately know which hot tub manufactures are the most energy efficient? More importantly, how do you know which models are the most efficient?  Well, we can all thank the great state of California for some assistance in this matter.  Since 2006 the California Energy Commission (CEC) has been working hand in hand with the hot tub industry to properly test and report hot tub energy efficiency.  They’ve gone as far as creating a database available to the public on their website so that a potential buyer can look up the brand and model of hot tub to see if they are listed. The current state of California regulations require all spas manufactured or sold in the state of California to be tested and certified to their Appliance Efficiency Database (also referred to as the California MAEDBS Database).  In fact, the state has gone as far as imposing monetary penalties against manufacturers who have violated the state’s standards and regulations.

Ultimately if you are living in the state of California or anywhere else in the country it would be wise to use the California MAEDBS Database as reinforcement for your hot tub purchase.

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