Vita Spa Releases New Double Lounger Hot Tub – Salon

More and more spa manufacturers seems to be dipping their toes in the double lounger hot tub offering these days. Vita Spa has officially released the Salon hot tub model for 2019. The Salon is a 92″ x 92″ (8 foot) hot tub which is a little more unique than most dual lounger hot tubs on the market because it stands 38″ tall versus the industry standard 36″. The extra 2″ likely gives more depth for bathers. It comes standard with two motors (6 hp each) and 53 hydrotherapy jets as well as host of options and upgrades to customize your Salon hot tub exactly the way you want it.

It also comes with the signature steel frame sub structure that has made Vita Spa and the other hot tub brands in the Maax Spas family so popular.

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