Vertex Safety Cover by Core Covers – Revolutionary Hot Tub Cover Technology

A Revolutionary Hot Tub Cover Designdrop stitch hot tub cover

The patented Vertex Safety Cover, made by Core Covers, is a technologically advanced, revolutionary cover design that uses air-inflated drop-stitch fabric panels to create a nearly indestructible hot tub cover. Also used by the military and NASA, the drop-stitch fabric prevents water absorption, which keeps the insulation value constant.  The Vertex Safety Cover can also carry a snow load of up to 1,500 pounds.  Not surprisingly, the Vertex Safety Cover is Core Covers’ “star” product.

To create the Vertex Safety Cover’s drop-stitch material, two fabric layers are connected by threads, and evenly spaced. Hundreds of threads per square inch make the panels incredibly rigid and durable.  The panels are cut to size and a banding material is welded onto the drop stitch.  Then it is placed inside a sewn cover case, instead of the commonly used EPS foam.

Impervious to Moisture or Extreme Weight

The Vertex Safety Cover cannot be penetrated by moisture, and can last at least 10 years – twice as long as a traditional cover.  Other outdoor products, such as kayaks, whitewater rafts, and emergency flood barriers also use the drop-stitch material because it has the ability to withstand extremes.  Even if a Vertex Safety Cover is damaged, it can be repaired, unlike other covers, and can withstand extreme weight.

Vertex is Greener than Other Hot Tub Coverscore covers vertex safety cover

Core Covers strives to be on the solution side of environmental issues, and the Vertex Safety Cover aligns with that goal.  The drop-stitch design makes it greener than other designs by eliminating the EPS foam.  EPS products are banned by many cities, due to their negative environmental impact.  The Vertex also saves energy, does not take on water, and the insulation factor does not fade like other covers.  In addition, Core Covers has patented the use of argon gas and other additives to further increase heat retention.

Vertex may cost more upfront than the typical foam hot tub cover, but it will last longer, is repairable and will be more energy efficient.  Its unique, smaller design also means significantly lower shipping costs, as it can be shipped via UPS; its smaller footprint  less handling and damage.

Another component of Core Covers’ strategic growth plan is using advanced technology to create innovative products in multiple industries.  Thus, they have expanded into outdoor décor products, such as patio cushions, and shade products like umbrellas and canopies.

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