The Innovative AirO Spa Cover Is Finally Here!

The AirO Spa Cover has been in development for years and is making its formal debut.  The patent (U.S. Patent #9,127,471) and technology actually belongs to Core Covers which refers to it internally as the Vertex Safety Cover.  The hot tub cover is being marketed and distributed through Cover Valet who has branded it as the AirO Spa Cover and it is being offered in 3 sizes and 3 colors.  The technology used to insulate and give the cover its strength is actually drop stitch construction which has been used in other popular products like stand up paddle boards (SUP) for years.  The cover features two drop stitch bladders covered in a high quality weatherproof canvas and capable of supporting up to 500 lbs. The cover will never absorb water and will maintain its insulation value over its lifetime.  Each cover come with a pump and duffle bag.  The covers are tapered as well to provide run off for rain and other elements.

AirO Hot Tub Cover   AirO Spa Covers

Colors: Espresso, Shadow, and Black

Sizes (square):

86″ x 86″                                                                                                                                                                  

89″ x 89″

94″ x 94″

The long awaited technology is sure to revolutionize the industry and make it more environmentally friendly since the status quo vinyl and Styrofoam covers require replacing every 3-5 years.

Consumers can find the AirO Spa Cover through their local hot tub dealers.  Hot tub dealers can purchase directly from Cover Valet or if ordering in quantities of 50 or more can purchase directly from Core Covers.

For more information contact your local hot tub dealer or search our dealer directory. Additionally, you can visit our brands pages, buyers guides, or simply fill out our “Free Local Hot Tub Quotes” form to get competitive prices on hot tubs and swim spas in your local area.

Core Covers Vertex Safety Cover      Vertex Spa Cover

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