The Ultimate Hot Tub Cabinet Makeover- “The Restor-A-Spa Kit”

Finally, somebody has made a product that will take your aging (but working) hot tub and bring it back to life by replacing the old, worn cabinet with a new contemporary plastic cabinet. Let’s face it, the biggest eye-sore on an aging hot tub is its deteriorating wood cabinet. Years of weathering can cause your cabinet to rot and eventually fall apart even though the hot tub itself maybe functioning perfectly. In some cases we’ve seen hot tub owners get rid of their old working hot tubs prematurely or spend thousands of dollars on a replacement tub. Weathered hot tub cabinets are no longer a concern as there is now an easy solution. Confer Plastics Inc., a long time manufacturer of blow molded, high-density polyethylene plastics, has launched a synthetic cabinet restoration kit for the consumer market that is suitable for any rectangular or square hot tub up to 8 foot.restor a spa kit

Confer conceived this innovative new product by drawing on its nearly 20 years of experience manufacturing panels and cabinet corners for OEM hot tub manufacturers. It was a very natural segue into the replacement panel market as there are so many hot tubs in the field that were manufactured prior to the industry shift towards plastic spa skirting. Most of these aging hot tubs are in desperate need of new panels and the Restor-A-Spa kit offers a very cost effective solution to scrapping an old hot tub and buying a new one. The kits are available in three colors and are available through your favorite hot tub dealer or service company. The kit is designed for a DIY project for the hot tub owner or a local serviceman.

The Restor-A-Spa kit is made in the USA (North Tonawanda, NY) and the material’s durable nature make it resilient to UV, moisture, and chemical damage. Revitalize and get many more years of enjoyment out of your existing hot tub with the Restor-A-Spa kit.


Restor a Spa Kit on Older Marquis Hot Tub
Restor a Spa Kit on Older Marquis Hot Tub


For more detailed information and buying options contact the manufacturer at.

Confer Plastics Inc
Address: 97 Witmer Rd, North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Phone: (716) 693-2056

Confer Plastics, Inc

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