Confer Plastics Flexible Spa Panel Kit for Replacing Old Hot Tub Cabinets

New York based Confer Plastics is at it again by taking aim at the aging hot tubs market.  Their new Flexible Spa Panel Kit offers an easy and inexpensive way to replace an old hot tub cabinet.  This is actually Confer’s second foray into the replacement panels market (retrofit kits).  A few years ago they released the Restor-A-Spa Kit which was a similar product but with separate panels and corner pieces that came in fixed sizes.  The Flexible Spa Panel Kit is different in that it is a flexible design that comes in a roll and just needs to be wrapped around the hot tub, cut down to size, and screwed on.  The roll is big enough to fit any 8’x’8′ spa or smaller.

Confer is making hot tub restoration simple, easy, and cost effective.  For more information visit

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