Combining Online Retail Pricing with Brick and Morter Support?

Our team is always scouring the internet for valuable hot tub information and resources for the benefit of our visitors and recently came across TrueTub dotcom. Clever name as it is a spoof on True Car which aims to sell cars with transparent pricing with no gimmicks. True Tub is an intriguing site that poses a value proposition which is that they can offer premium hot tubs at online prices but with local retailer type service and support. This interesting because online hot tub prices are usually a race to the bottom meaning that buying online becomes strictly about price because a consumer is unable to touch, see, or experience the hot tub to clearly understand the performance, quality, engineering, and design (“can’t get under the hood” so to speak). Therefore, most hot tubs and spas sold online are at the low end of the budget and are typically built with lower end components and lower quality materials. TrueTub claims to sell premium spas but with local dealer level support. When we searched the brands offered on True Tub we continually came up with one manufacturer (Master Spas) and their sub brands (Michael Phelps Legend Spas, Clarity Spas, Twilight Spas, and Getaway Hot Tubs). It appears that this site is more committed to the online sales of one brand and not multiple, different manufacturers. Furthermore, there is no pricing and you need to inquire directly about the model you like and be contacted by a salesperson for pricing. Doesn’t feel like the most transparent buying experience. Finally, it’s also unclear how they support the brand if it’s being sold all over the country with no local retail presence to support the product. It would appear that they would contract with 3rd party repair companies to do any warranty service or repair much like a regular mass merchant online retailer would. With that said, if they can truly marry online pricing with local dealer type support then we would firmly advocate.

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