Hot Tub Showroom versus Online

Many people ask the question…Should I buy my hot tub or swim spa online or buy from a dealer? The simple answer is to buy from a dealer with a showroom. Hot tubs are an expensive purchase typically starting at $3,000 and going upwards of $25,000 (or $15,000-$45,000 if a swim spa).  When you are spending that kind of money it is always wise to do as much diligence as possible.  Also, most hot tub dealers and retailers carry brands that are not sold online and vice versa.

Below is a quick list of reasons to support purchasing from a local dealer or retailer.

  • Ability to do a private test drive, or ‘test soak’ any tub you’re considering.  This is a big deal because a test soak allows you to experience the performance of the hot tub and also the fit
  • Dozens of hot tubs on display and wide range of prices which provides an understanding of value at the different price ranges. Manufacturers build spas at different price points and the only way to understand these ranges are to view them in person and ask questions.
  • Be able to see all your options side by side touch and feel all the different color combinations for the shells and cabinets.
  • Ability to see accessories and demonstrate accessories Ask about warranty service and repair and the people who will take care of you if you have a problem.
  • Most hot tub stores are open 5-7 days a week for service, repair, or maintenance support.

Some of the negatives of buying online is no local warranty support and also online retailers tend to focus on lower price point hot tubs to show better value, however, if the price looks too good to be true then it usually is.  Lower priced hot tubs typically lead to a reduction in overall quality and performance.

Also, for more information visit our hot tub buyer’s guide pages. Also, click on the pink boxes and complete our free local quote form to get competitive prices from local dealers in your area.

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