The Wellis Hot Tubs Difference – A look “Under the Hood”

What makes a good quality hot tub different from a bad one? The answer is simple. The devil is in the details. In this article we will explore, firsthand, some of the inner workings, components, and design of the global luxury hot tub brand, Wellis Spas.

The Wellis Spas Difference

Wellis is one is the fastest growing hot tub brands in the United States. After their debut at the International Pool and Spa Show in 2018, they’ve been aggressively adding to their dealer base across the US. Moreover, the pandemic caused supply chain disruptions in the hot tub industry coupled with a massive increase in demand which created opportunities for hot tub manufacturers that were able to supply dealers with products to sell. Prior to 2020 hot tub dealers were loyal to the brands/manufacturers they carried with a turnover of less than 10% a year. During the pandemic the turnover or the addition of new hot tub brands by dealers may have exceeded 50% which created opportunities for manufacturers to break into dealers that otherwise would never considered it. Now that things are normalizing and the hot tub industry manufacturers are back to pre-pandemic production schedules you’re seeing a different looking dealer landscape. Wellis has been a major benefactor of this disruption and the global hot tub manufacturer is here to say in the United States. Competition from quality manufacturers is always welcomed by consumers as it gives them more options and increased value.

Below is breakdown of some key features and benefits that go into every Wellis hot tub built. You can also reference the embedded video for visual reference.

Fully Wrapped ABS Bottom – The bottom is made of a rigid ABS plastic and fully seals and flanges to the WPS frame to keep out critters, moisture, and debris.

WPS Frame – Every Wellis hot tub model in every series comes with a WPS structural frame (as opposed to wood). The Wellis Polystyrol (WPS) frame is integrated and attached to the hot tub shell and to the ABS bottom to provide support and will never rust, rot, or degrade over time providing peace of mind and protection of your hot tub investment.

Shell Structure – Every Wellis hot tub shell is manufactured with a triple layer design which consists of acrylic, ABS plastic, and a polyurethane backer that is robotically applied to every shell for perfect consistency and durability out in the field.

Jetting – Every jet orifice is robotically drilled and countersunk. Then compensation washers are applied to each jet opening before the jet body and plumbing are attached in order to get a perfect, watertight seal.

Motors – Wellis markets their hot tubs with true, continuous horsepower versus brake horsepower. The motors are designed to be as close to the seats as possible to reduce strain on the motor and improve waterflow to every jet and every seat providing the best hydrotherapy experience possible.

Gate Valves – Every motor in a Wellis hot tub comes with an inline gate valve, also known as slice valves, which allows you to repair or remove a motor without having to completely drain your hot tub. This prevents having to waste hundreds of gallons of water for a simple pump/motor replacement.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency – Wellis doesn’t use traditional spray foam insulation like most hot tub manufacturers. Spray foam insulation isn’t designed to get wet or to be used in wet/damp environments and can take on moisture especially if there’s a leak. More importantly spray foam insulation loses it insulative value over time as it absorbs moisture. Wellis uses a polyfoam blend that they bond to the inside of the hot tub panels and across the bottom to trap the excess heat from the motors and equipment. The cabinet and bottom barrier insulation not only traps (recycles) heat, it also makes the hot tub quieter during operation.

Dedicated Circulation Pump (most models) – The dedicated circulation pump is smaller, quieter, and much more efficient than a traditional jet pump used for circulation in most tubs. The dedicated circ pump moves water continuously through the filter and is more effective if you have an integrated water purifier such as an ozone generator or UVC generator.

External Bottom Drain – All Wellis hot tubs come equipped with an easy to access external drain that comes out of the ABS bottom. Many manufacturers put their drain inside the cabinet making it inconvenient when you want to drain the hot tub. The external drain can hook up to a hose in a matter of seconds making maintenance a cinch.

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