Swift Water Trainer for Tidal Fit Swim Spas

It’s no surprise that technology continues to improve and evolve rapidly on swim spas as they are easily one of the fastest growing segments of the hot tub industry. Swim currents (jets, propellers, paddlewheels, etc.) are no exception as they are currently the number one differentiator from scrutinizing and information hungry buyers. Which is better? What’s the difference in cost? What suits my individual needs the best? These are all questions that prospective swim spa buyers ask time and time again when researching swim spas.

The most common and affordable type of swim current generator has always been swim jets that are powered by a pump. The jet pump is typically plumbed directly to the swim jet in a 1 to 1 ratio or depending on the size of the pump a 2 jets to 1 pump ratio. The downside to this particular design is that there is usually just one swim speed which is full blast when the pump is on or completely off. There is also the option of adding air to the swim jet which can increase the power, however, it can diminish visibility when swimming. Although standard swim jets can provide a great swimming workout they do not offer the versatility or range for a beginner swimmer, intermediate, or advanced swimmer.

Tidal Fit Swim Spas (subsidiary of Artesian Spas) is one manufacturer that has been able to innovate and improve standard swim jets and jet pumps. Their first generation and still very successful swim jets featured a variable flow design with dials on top of the swim spa surface that allowed a swimmer to regulate or adjust the waterflow coming thru the swim jets using their own variable flow technology. This is more of a manual process but very effective and economical. Their newest technology which they’ve released is a collaboration with Waterway Plastics, a long time hot tub plastics OEM, is called the Swift Water Trainer or Swift Water System. The Swift Water Trainer System is very unique as it features true variable speed jet pumps that can go from 1%-100%. The swim current speed can be set with an easy to use Touch Screen LCD. The system also allows a swimmer to program individual workouts. Finally, the system has built in WiFi and offers an app that can be downloaded to smartphone for wireless control.

  • 2 x 5.0 HP True Variable Speed Swim Pumps For Positive Flow Control
  • 4 x Adjustable 6 inch Swim Jets
  • Built-in WiFi, Touch Screen LCD with Multiple Programmable Swim Workouts
  • Download app for smart device to control exercise pool wirelessly
Swift Water Swim System Featuring NEO TVS

The Swift Water System offers the range and similar performance of a propeller or paddlewheel system but for a substantially lower price point.

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