SunCatcher™ Solar Hot Tub Cover

Solar-heated hot tub water can significantly reduce the energy costs of using a hot tub or spa. The SunCatcher™ solar hot tub cover requires only a few hours of sunlight to provide more than 50% of a spa’s heating needs. The user is able to set an upper limit temperature to which you want the SunCatcher™ to heat the hot tub water. When the heat set-point is reached, the automatic controller slows the fan that brings the heat to the water. The greater the difference between the spa’s electric heater setting and the SunCatcher’s setting, the greater the energy cost savings.

The SunCatcher™ is manufactured by Aztech Energy, which created the solar hot tub cover to bring practical, cost-saving solar and thermal technology solutions to the hot tub industry. They have five U.S. patents pending in technologies as diverse as solar thermal energy, radiant heating and cooling and thermal energy storage, in addition to solar heating of hot tubs.
Uniquely Designed Thermal Collector Panels

The heating panels on each side of the SunCatcher™ hot tub cover contain specially designed plastic solar thermal collectors. The sun’s rays heat the collector, and fans powered by PV panels move the heat to the bottom of the cover, which heats up to 160 degrees. The heated cover then radiates the heat directly to the water in the spa, without ever needing to touch the water or any other part of the hot tub.
John Tandler, founder and president of Aztech Energy, has 15 years of experience in solar and thermal systems product development, and holds nine US patents, with five more patents pending. He earned a Master’s Degree from M.I.T.

Helps Hot Tub and Spa Owners Control Their Energy Costssuncatcher solar hot tub cover

The SunCatcher™ solar hot tub cover is a 100% solar powered spa cover that:

• Uses natural solar energy to heat the water in your hot tub or spa
• Can reduces hot tub water heating costs by 50-75%
• Has temperature controls that prevent overheating
• Installs like an ordinary spa cover


In addition to retail distribution, Aztech Energy welcomes inquiries from supply chain partners interested in building SunCatcher™ technology into their existing spa products. Manufacturers of covers, controls, and spas can offer greater value to customers while gaining a competitive edge by bringing something truly new to spa design.

SunCatcher™ solar hot tub covers are available at Lowe’s and pool supply retailers. If you are a spa dealer and are interested in offering SunCatcher to your customers, contact Aztech Energy.

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