Solar Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Looking to save a few bucks on your hot tub or swim spa heating bills? The solar energy movement is changing the way we produce and use electricity and hot tubs are starting to enter the fray. As of writing this article, there aren’t any hot tub manufacturers currently producing an off-the-shelf hot tub with an integrated solar heating system, however, there are several aftermarket options that are available for retrofitting existing hot tubs. These systems use a secondary loop heating system in addition to the hot tub’s main electric heating system to reduce costs. Basically, the solar collectors work during the day when there is at least six hours or more of sunlight to heat the spa and during the evenings the hot tub’s primary electrical heater does the heating.

Retrofitting a hot tub with a solar heating system can be done in the following ways, however, it is important to know that altering a hot tub in such a way can void your manufacturer’s warranty. We would recommend reading your warranty or consulting with your hot tub dealer before pursuing the options below;

  1. Use a Solar Pool Heater – this can be a great way to turn your hot tub into a solar hot tub. Solar pool panels are widely available and the installation can be relatively easy (one day).
  2. Sunbank Solar Hot Tub Kit – this kit comes complete with all of the necessary parts and components for installation. The system is capable of producing 25,000 BTUs of heat on any sunny day.
  3. Sunheater Solar Hot Tub Kit – another convenient kit that comes with all of the components to convert your hot tub into a solar hot tub. This system can be used as a standalone or as a secondary heating system. The kit also has an option to add UV filtration to purify the water as well as heat the water.
  4. SunCatcher™ Solar Hot Tub Cover – manufactured by Aztech Energy, the SunCatcher Solar Hot Tub cover is a very clever way to utilize solar energy and cut down your electrical bill between 50-75%.

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