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The all new Avant Hot Tubs from Strong Spas offer four shapes and designs to choose from.  A refreshing and new take on hot tub design with a full acrylic finish inside and out.  These spas all come loaded with premium features such as digital controls, fashioned stainless jets, built-in headrests, lighted waterfall, lighted cup holders, and lighted air/water controls.  They also come with a nice therapy package of 25 jets and 2hp pump capable of running on a simple 110v plug and play outlet for turnkey installation.  All units can also be converted to 220v for added performance with some simple programming changes.

As of writing this article, the entire series is available in four different acrylic finishes sure to meet anyone’s taste.

Here’s a breakdown of the four models available.  Prices also start at around $3995 and go up from there depending on the model and local market :

Avant Ellipse – A smaller, 2 person hot tub that is sure to fit the smallest spaces.  The unit measures 92” x 49.5” x 32h” and has 140 gallon water capacity.

Avant Wedge – A 3 person hot tub with a unique corner shape perfect for the edge of a patio or corner of a deck. The unit measures 82” x 82” x 109” x 31h” and has 180 gallon water capacity.

Avant Cube – The largest, most spacious hot tub in the Avant family.  This hot tub can fit up to four people and feature a lounger for full body jet therapy. The units measures 80” x 80” x 31h” and has 230 gallon water capacity.

Avant Curve – A traditional round design with seating for up to 5 people.  This unique seating configuration gives you bench seating around half of the spa and a nicely sculpted reclining seat on the other side. The units measures 82” round x 31h” and has a 220 gallon water capacity.

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