Non-Slip Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Are Here! – Introducing “SwimDek”

Tired of slippery hot tub surfaces? Looking for a more comfortable hot tub experience? Look no further. SwimDek Inc, has introduced an innovative and very cool product to the hot tub industry that aims to make your hot tub more safe, comfortable, and stylish.

With over two decades of manufacturing experience in the marine industry as the leading maker of marine flooring, Hyperform Inc. (parent company) has set its sights on the hot tub industry leveraging its EVA foam flooring technology and tailoring it to applications on hot tub and swim spas.
Just what is the SwimDek product? Technically put, it’s a 6 mil ethylene-vinyl acetate foam (EVA) sheet that attaches to a hot tub surface (acrylic) using an easy 3M pressure sensitive peel and stick application. The material has gone thru extensive research and development including abrasion testing, submersion testing, UV testing, and chemical testing. All of the aforementioned factors are common in a hot tub or swim spa environment and the formulation of the product is specific to those needs and conditions.

Why should you put SwimDek on your hot tub or swim spa? Covering hot tub or swim spas surfaces with SwimDek offers three key benefits;

1. Safety – SwimDek is anti-slip and anti-skid making it ideal for seats, steps, and floors of hot tubs and swim spas. The added traction in the more hazardous areas of the hot tub or swim can help avoid accidents or injury especially with small children or seniors.

SwimDek Covered Swim Spa

2. Comfort – SwimDek is a soft and durable closed cell foam and has inherent anti-fatigue and comfort characteristics to it. When applied to seats, seat backs, and floor areas it makes the hard acrylic spa surface much more comfortable and luxurious.

3. Stylish – Aside from superb functionality, SwimDek coverings are very aesthetically pleasing and stylish. They are available in a wide variety of colors (32) and are also available in a two-color laminate. The two-tone sheets have two colors that are flame laminated together and patterns and designs can be cut out of the top layer exposing the second layer for a two-tone look. The company hopes to offer custom patterns, designs, logos, etc. down the road in future releases.

swimdek covered hot tub

SwimDek products are currently sold directly to hot tub and swim spa original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). For more information you can inquire through your local hot tub retailer or contact SwimDek directly for a list of participating hot tub manufacturers.

About Hyperform Inc. (parent of SwimDek)

Hyperform Inc. headquarters and production are in Rocklidge, FL where they operate a state of the art facility with over 140,000 square foot of manufacturing utilizing cc technology, large format lasers, and sophisticated manufacturing. They are also an ISO certified company.

5440 Schenck Ave.
Rockledge, FL 32955 US
Phone: (321)210-7777

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