Bullfrog Hot Tubs Continues to Lead With New Innovation

Utah based, Bullfrog Spas is arguably the most uniquely designed hot tub brand in the industry. Their patented jetpak system, even with it’s few drawbacks, lends itself to better performance, efficiency, and synergistic improvements in hot tub design.

Here’s a list of some of the new and existing innovations that Bullfrog has drummed up. Many of these are improvements wouldn’t be made possible without their unique interchangeable jetpak design.

  1. SwimDek Non Slip Surface – Bullfrog has partnered with Swim Dek to provide precision cut traction pads that adhere to the hot tub shell surface (acrylic surface). The specials pads create a comfortable, slip resistance surface to walk on or sit on in the hot tub. They are also aesthetically pleasing and add a unique look to the hot tub.
  2. Screwless Cabinets – The new Bullfrog M Series Spas feature a track design that makes removing panels and accessing your hot tub equipment simple and easy. It also provides a nice clean aesthetic.
  3. Hot Tub Cover Sensor and Alarm – Bullfrog’s new hot tub cover sensor notifies a hot tub owner via their CloudControl App (iOS or Android) if the hot tub cover is removed. This hot tub cover alarm basically alerts an owner know when their hot tub is in use. This is a great safety feature and also a great way to track hot tub usage.
  4. New Waterfalls – Bullfrog Spas has released newly designed water features for 2020 in their M Series Spas.
  5. Hidden Intakes – Intakes or suctions are an eye soar on any hot tub and can take up valuable footwell space. Bullfrog’s new M Series Spas feature a hidden intake design that is integrated into the jetpak plumbing behind each seat.
  6. No Topside Air Controls or Valves – Most traditional hot tubs have air valves and water diverting valves located on the top rail of the hot tub which adds clutter and limits space to sit on or place beverages. The air controls or venturi valves allow for air and water to mix together when coming out of the hot tub jets. Bullfrogs M Series Spas features a super clean aesthetic with a valve-less toprail and integrated venturi into the jetpak
  7. Hidden Skimmer and Filter Cartridge – The new Bullfrog M Series also features a completely hidden filter and skimmer design. Traditional hot tubs have a large skimmer and filter housing that takes up the space of at least one hot tub seat and can be an unattractive. Bullfrog’s jetpak system has lent itself to removing this nuance entirely by placing hiding the skimmer behind the acrylic shell and hiding the filter cartridge behind a jetpak.
  8. Integrated and Hidden Frog@Ease – the M-Series has the King Technology Frog@Ease system integrated to the filter cartridge which is discretely hidden behind one of the jetpaks.

Many of the aforementioned innovations above are limited to the new 2020 Bullfrog M Series, however, it’s rumored that they will be incorporated into Bullfrog’s other lines like the A Series and R Series.

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Bullfrog Venturi
Bullfrog Air Venturi
bullfrog hidden filter m series
Bullfrog Hidden Filter Housing and Catridge
Bullfrog integrated suction
Bullfrog Suction and Intake Integrated into Jetpak
Bullfrog Hot Tubs M7
Bullfrog Valve-less Toprail Provides Clean Aesthetic
Bullfrog Spa@Ease
Bullfrog Integrated Frog@Ease Sanitation System and Hidden Filter Cartridge
Bullfrog Waterfalls M Series
Bullfrog M Series Waterfalls and Skimmer

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