Marquis Hot Tubs To Close Oregon Manufacturing Facility

Marquis Spas, a well-known manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas, recently announced its decision to cease operations at its manufacturing facility located in Independence, Oregon. In a formal notification submitted to the state, the company stated that it will be laying off its workforce of 115 employees at the plant situated in north Independence.

In accordance with state regulations, Marquis Hot Tubs informed its employees that the layoff process will take place between September 1 and September 15, providing the mandatory 60-day notice required for companies with over 100 employees. Concurrently, the company fulfilled its obligation of filing the necessary paperwork with the state to document the closure and subsequent layoffs.

While the announcement primarily concerns the manufacturing facility in Independence, Marquis Hot Tubs also operates retail locations in Salem, Beaverton, and Happy Valley. However, the company has not disclosed any specific plans regarding the fate of these retail outlets.

Originally established in 1980 by three farmers in Independence, the company initially operated under the name Pacific Spas. Its founders crafted hot tubs within a barn before rebranding the business as Pacific Marquis Spas in 1984. The company underwent further changes in ownership, with Wexco Inc. acquiring it in 1985. Notably, Wexco owner Don Weir later sold the company to its employees in 1999, a shift highlighted in a feature published by Spa Retailer Magazine.

During its peak in 2003, Marquis Hot Tubs employed over 300 workers, making it one of the largest private employers in Polk County, at the time. However, the recent decision to close the manufacturing plant has prompted the unfortunate loss of jobs for its dedicated workforce.

In 2021, Marquis Hot Tubs was acquired by private equity firm Monomoy Capital Partners, along with Artesian Spas based in Las Vegas. Monomoy further expanded its presence in the industry with the acquisition of Michigan-based Nordic Hot Tubs in 2022. In the same year, Rick Gallagher assumed the position of CEO at Marquis Hot Tubs.

As Marquis Hot Tubs prepares to conclude its manufacturing operations in Independence, it marks a significant transition in the company’s history. The closure serves as a reminder of the evolving nature of the business landscape and the challenges faced by companies in the ever-changing pool and spa industry. The likely scenario here is that Monomoy will consolidate and merge the Marquis Spas line of hot tubs with their other brand, Artesian Spas which has a significantly larger manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. We would imagine both lines will be built under one roof going forward much like the merger of Sunrise Spas with Hydropool Hot Tubs announced early this month by parent company Jacuzzi Brands.

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