Hydropool Hot Tubs and Sunrise Spas Merge Manufacturing Facilities in Canada

Hydropool, a company based in Mississauga, Ontario, has made an innovative move within the Canadian hot tub and swim spa industry by merging with Sunrise Spas. This merger brings together two manufacturers with a combined experience of nearly 100 years of industry expertise. The primary objective of the merger is to strengthen both brands by improving production process efficiency.

According to Dan Love, the President and General Manager of Hydropool, the decision to merge was an easy one as it offered an opportunity to work closely together and achieve significant manufacturing efficiencies. The goal is to “ensure a strong future for both Sunrise and Hydropool”. The merger presents an exciting opportunity for everyone involved in either company.

Despite joining forces, the essential elements of both brands will remain intact, and retailers can expect the same high level of service and support. Over the next year, Sunrise’s production and assembly will gradually transition from Grimsby to Hydropool’s facility in Mississauga.

The Sunrise brand family will continue to exist as both entities merge, with the aim of enhancing the strength of both brands without favoring one over the other. Dealers will maintain their existing relationships with Sunrise Spas’ customer service, sales teams, and senior leadership. Parts and warranty service will also be handled by Sunrise.

Love believes that this change is beneficial for everyone involved, especially given the current economic climate. The merger will result in more efficient operations and better manufacturing capabilities, positioning both companies well for the future.

Hydropool and Sunrise are both owned by Jacuzzi Group so this move is of no surprise as the hot tub industry experiences some contraction due to economic headwinds and a post pandemic era slowdown that saw unprecedented demand for hot tubs and swim spas between 2020 and early 2022.

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