Jacuzzi SmartTub™ App – The Next Generation of Hot Tub Management

We can now add hot tubs to the world of the internet of things. It was just a matter of time but as of writing of this article there are over a dozen or so hot tub manufacturers offering various remote monitoring systems for their respective line of hot tubs and swim spas.

In this article we will explore Jacuzzi’s smartphone remote monitoring system called Jacuzzi SmartTub. The SmartTub technology allows the user to remotely monitor their hot tub from anywhere in the world through a tablet or smartphone. The Jacuzzi SmartTub app is available for download on iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play).

Acting more like a personal assistant, the SmartTub app allows a user to manage all of the following functions from the palm of your hands with convenience and ease:

1.) Control water temperature and filter cycles
2.) Turn equipment on/off (lights, jet pumps, etc.)
3.) View diagnostic information and trigger alerts to both the user and to your local dealer when the hot tub needs attention (ie power outages, heating error codes, etc.)
4.) View owner’s manual and hot tub information
5.) Offers tips on hot tub care and shows tutorial videos on how to perform tub functions
6.) Show energy consumption and estimates

The Jacuzzi SmartTub™ system is different and arguably more reliable than most remote monitoring systems on the market because those systems require WiFi, however, the SmartTub system uses cellular-based data transfer and requires cell service from one of Jacuzzi’s provider partners in your area. The cellular service is free for the first year and there is a fee per year after.

Finally, SmartTub is actually an evolution in remote monitoring on Jacuzzi Hot Tubs. Not too long ago, Jacuzzi offered Jacuzzi ProLink which was a remote control system offering similar but more limited functions as compared to SmartTub. Our understanding is SmartTub will soon displace ProLink altogether.

Also note that Jacuzzi Brands also owns Sundance Spas which offers virtually the same exact app but call it SunSmart on many Sundance Spas models. The SmartTub technology is available on the Jacuzzi J300, J400 or J500 Series or Sundance 780, 880 or 980 Series! It’s typically a $700 upgrade but may be offered on promotional pricing by your local dealer.

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