Jacuzzi Brands Uses Particle IOT Platform for SmartTub Remote Monitoring

Jacuzzi Brands (Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Sundance Spas, Dimension One Spa) has partnered with Particle Internet of Things Platform to connect its hot tubs. Jacuzzi chose Particle’s cellular-capable boards to connect its hot tubs because using Wi-Fi in the backyard creates some difficulties. Jacuzzi calls it’s new product SmartTub.

The integration was three pronged so that it created a seamless system from end to end;

1. Particle took their existing board technology and customized it to Jacuzzi’s needs
2. Particle customized and built out the Particle Cloud
3. Particle built out Amazon Web Service infrastructure

Jacuzzi has been selling hot tubs with this technology since April of this year and hopes to expand the technology to all of its models in the near future. Jacuzzi’s goal with deploying this technology is to improve the relationship between the customer and the dealer. Basically, the dealer has the ability to monitor the performance of all of the connected hot tubs from an online portal that allows them to see the status of the hot tubs they sold along with diagnostic information. This level of integration creates a much more efficient and customer service friendly relationship between the customer and the dealer. In the past, you would have to wait for a consumer to notice an error or problem with the hot tub and then they would call the dealer to do some trouble shooting and ultimately schedule a service call which resulted in a costly visit by a service technician to come out and troubleshoot before addressing the issue. In many cases, a technician may not have the right part to make the repair which then requires a second visit which adds cost and inefficiency. Now, a dealer can run a remote diagnostic on the hot tub, isolate the problem, and send a technician out with the right parts to get the job done. The technology also gives Jacuzzi real time data and performance metrics on all of the hot tubs they sell which allows them to better understand consumer behaviors, product issues, and improve product development.

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