Jacuzzi Hot Tubs has oddly enough renamed their JACUZZI® VIBE™ COLLECTION, now calling it the JACUZZI PLAY™ COLLECTION.  

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs has long been one of the most well recognized and luxurious hot tub brands with few entry-level price points. Their J-200™ Collection starts around $7000 which still misses the $4000-6000 market so it makes sense that they would complete their offering with a series that targeted that particular price point. Additionally, Jacuzzi dealers would fill in their showroom floors with other hot tub manufacturers to meet this demand and so that they wouldn’t miss getting those sales.  In fact, the brand most Jacuzzi dealers would put on their showroom floor to complement the Jacuzzi lines was a rotomold hot tub manufacturer named Dream Maker Spas.  Dream Maker’s price points range from about $3500-6500 which fit perfectly with all of Jacuzzi’s collections which is why Jacuzzi finally stepped up and acquired Dream Maker and branded their own line of rotomold now dubbed the Play Collection.

There are only three Jacuzzi Play models available at this time. The smaller “Mood” is 78″ x 68″ x 32″ and can operate on 110v (plug and play) or 220v (hard wired) electrical. The Jacuzzi Mood has seating for 4-5 people and comes with a single pump and around 20 hydrotherapy jets. The durability of the hot tub is worth noting as the entire hot tub is made from SYNCRYLIC® MATERIAL which is a high impact polyethylene polymer commonly used in rotationally molded hot tub manufacturing.

The larger Play model called the “Soul” is a 5-6 person hot tub (single lounger) that measure 78″ x 78″ x 36″. It also operates on 110v or 220v electrical service. The Soul has a single jet pump and about 30 jets.

The third model is called the Jacuzzi “Echo” which is the exact same size as the “Soul” at 78″ x 78″ x 36″ but has no lounger for a barrier-free, open-seat layout that can maximize the number of bathers/occupants. The Echo also has a single jet pump and about 30 jets.

Aside from the friendly price points of these two models, the plug and play 110 volt capability is convenient because it typically doesn’t require an Electrician.

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