Jacuzzi Hot Tub Prices

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs is the oldest and most well known hot tub brand in the pool and spa industry. Roy Jacuzzi and his family were the innovator of the portable pump and whirlpool bath. Jacuzzi now celebrates over 60 years of hydrotherapy legacy and continues to be one of the largest hot tub brands in the world. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs is is part of Jacuzzi Brands which also includes other premium hot tub brands like Dimension One Spas, Sundance Spas, Hydropool Hot Tubs, Thermospas, and Dream Maker Spas.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs can be broken down into 6 distinct collections as well as price points serving every need and budget.

Here a breakdown from entry level to luxury for reference. For more detailed hot tub prices fill out our “Free Local Hot Tub Quotes” form to get local prices.

Jacuzzi Play Collection Prices and Description – this particular line was developed in the last year, after their acquisition of Dream Maker Spas, as an entry level, affordable, and basic hydrotherapy hot tub. These models are referred to as rotationally molded spas and can run on 110v plug and play or 220v hard wired electrical service. There are currently three models (Jacuzzi Soul, Jacuzzi Mood, and Jacuzzi Echo) and the prices range depending on your local market between $4000-$6500.

Jacuzzi Classic J-200™ Collection Prices and Description – The J-200 Collection is an economy series consisting of six models in various shapes and sizes. Jets counts vary between 19-45 jets and 1-2 pumps depending on model. The 200 series are traditional acrylic hot tubs with more industry standard jets and features. Not as many of the exclusive and luxurious features as the higher end series. The price range for these models start at around $5,500 up to $10,000.

Jacuzzi Signature J-300™ Collection Prices and Description – The J-300 collection is a comfortable and premium series of hot tubs consisting of 8 models in various sizes. All models come standard with a dedicated circulation pump for premium and quiet filtration. All models come with at least two jet pumps and jet counts range from 23 jets in the smaller models upwards of 51 jets in the larger hot tub models. Prices range between $8000-$13,000.

Jacuzzi Designer J-400™ Collection Prices and Description – The J-400 collection is a premium level of hot tubs featuring a high back design, elegant styling and finishes, premium LED lighting, LED lit waterfall, and Power Pro jets. There are five models in the 400 collection. Prices range between $12,000-$16,000 depending on model and added options.

Jacuzzi Luxury J-500™ Collection Prices and Description – The J-500 collection is simply the best that Jacuzzi offers. The high back and curved design gives these hot tubs definitive styling and appeal. They are easily the centerpiece of any backyard. There are two models available at this time and prices range between $17,000-$19,000 depending on options.

Jacuzzi Swim Spa Collection Prices and DescriptionSwim Spas are a new foray for Jacuzzi since their acquisition of Hydropool Hot Tubs which features a robust swim spa line up. Although Jacuzzi is new to swim spas we can only assume they are putting out a good product given the experience and expertise acquired through Hydropool’s swim spa division.

For more information you can visit our brands pagesbuyers guides, or simply fill out our “Free Local Hot Tub Quotes” form to get competitive prices on hot tubs and swim spas in your local area.

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