HotSpring Spas Releases Highlife “Triumph” Double Lounger and Hot Spot “Stride” for 2019

Hot tub maker, Hotspring Spas (Watkins Wellness Manufacturing), is releasing two exciting models for 2019.  The hot tub manufacturing powerhouse has addressed two holes in the Highlife series and Hot Spot series that is sure to make an immediate impact for their dealers and ultimately more sales for the company.

The first of the two models is the Hotspring Highlife series “Triumph” which is part their premium line of hot tubs and spas.  The Triumph is a double lounger hot tub that seats up to four people and measure 93″ x 74″ x 33″.  The Triumph is modestly equipped with 27 jets and a single jet pump (plus a smaller circulation pump) which is surprising given that most double lounger hot tubs in the industry have considerably more jets and two jet pumps, albeit, the Triumph is a tween size spa which falls somewhere between the smaller 5’x7′ double loungers and the bigger 8’x8′ double lounger that are out there.  Its seems that given its tween size, Hotspring has chosen to equip it more like the smaller double loungers with a single pump and lower jet count.  Regardless of specifications, offering a double lounger model is clearly better than not.  Double loungers are not any hot tub manufacturer’s “best seller” but they do have a very specific niche that they fill and for those seeking to buy one there is no substitute.

Here’s some of the highlights of the Triumph:

  1. Ever popular “Moto-Massage” DX jet
  2. Two “SoothingStream Jets”
  3. 24-hour quiet circulation pump
  4. Removable topside control that turns into a remote control and features touchscreen technology
  5. Bench seat and cool down seat

The second model is the Hotspring Hot Spot Series “Stride” hot tub.  The “Stride” fills in nicely as a 2-3 person, rectangular hot tub in the economical, price point series of Hot Spot Spas.  The “Stride’ measures 84″x 65″ x 29” and is equipped with 18 jets and a single pump.  The unit can also run on 110v as a plug and play or a hardwired 220v.  The roughly 5′ x 7′ category of hot tub is easily the most popular 2-3 person size of hot tub in the industry and it’s no wonder that Hotspring has entered the fray with the release of the Stride (just wondering what took them so long!).  Up until now the only tub in a similar footprint offered by Hotspring was the Highlife Series Jetsetter which is an $8000+ hot tub and unable to compete with similar sized price-point hot tubs from other manufacturers. Given the rest of the Hot Spot series pricing, we would see the Stride coming in at $5500-$6500 depending on dealer, options, and upgrades.

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