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The creative instincts of a custom houseboat builder prompted him to combine a classic wooden boat design with a revolutionary idea to produce a truly innovative boat design – an electric boat with a hot tub built into its deck! The company, Hot Tub Boats, is located in the Seattle, Washington, area.

The hot tub boat is built with a Vinylester hull topped with a slatted African teak deck. It’s features include custom seating, an integrated diesel-powered boiler with adjustable thermostat to 104° F., a waterproof stereo system that plays an MP3 player on two pop-up, flush-mounted, 50-watt speakers; four built-in ice chests provide plenty of refreshment storage, and a teakwood swimstep allows easy access to the surrounding water. Hot tub boating promises both a relaxing and exciting experience for family and/or friends, whether in celebration of a special event or simply to enjoy a memorable weekend outing.

Exceptional Stability

With room for six bathers, the 8′ x 4′ x 24″ hot tub gives the 16-ft. boat remarkable stability with its positioning on the boat’s center of buoyancy. The craft is joystick-steered by a starboard/aft bather. Its rechargeable battery and Smart-Plug shore power connection ensures up to 10 hours of power from an overnight charge. Other standard features are 12-volt navigation lights, large storage compartments and a hot tub cover. Custom features include a Bimini Sunbrella, with full enclosure available, and a single axle trailer. The retail price of a hot tub boat is around $42,000.

Prefer to Rent a Hot Tub Boat?

For a short-term experience on a hot tub boat, Hot Tub Boat Rentals have them available every day of the week for a two-, three- or four-hour period. The cost of the first two-hours is $350, with each additional hour costing $100. It is a good idea to arrive early to allow for set-up time. The rental boat’s batteries will be topped up and the sparkling clean hot tub will be filled with 104-degree water. Another plus – unlike a traditional boat rental, there is no need to top off the tank after the rental period. Note: the boat’s “Captain” must be over 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

Hot tub boat rentals have one limiting factor – the weather. The company continually monitors the weather and, during windy forecasts, every morning. If the wind is expected to blow at more than force 4 (greater than 16 knots) hot tub boating is less fun; 22-knots is the lower threshold for a small craft advisory. The company reserves the right to cancel reservations within two hours, due to unfavorable weather conditions (high winds, lightning, hail, etc.)

Hot Tub Boat Rentals also offer overnight and weekend rentals of floating homes, houseboats, and live-aboards. They are also available for yacht club events, regattas, lake camping and other special functions.

For more information you can visit our brands pages, buyers guides, or simply fill out our “Free Local Hot Tub Quotes” form to get competitive prices on hot tubs and swim spas in your local area.

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