Hot Tub Boat Canada – Rent a Floating Hot Tub

Beginning Saturday, July 6th you can rent a hot tub boat in Victoria, BC. Although Hot Tub Boats Canada claims to be the only hot tub boat rental company in Canada, they are not the first to come up with the concept. Seattle, WA based Hot Tub Boats was the original hot tub boat company (2011) offering a fleet of floating hot tubs for touring, relaxation, and fun on the water.

Hot Tub Boats Canada will be offering 90 minute boat rentals that can seat up to six passenger per boat. Prices are expected to be about $65 per person. The boats are heated with stove heaters that burn briquettes to keep the water up to temperature. The company does a water change between voyages so that they don’t have to put chemicals in the hot tub.

There are some rules and policies enforced by Hot Tub Boats Canada that include the following;

  1. Must be 12 years or older to be passenger
  2. Driver must be at least 19 years old, however, a boating license isn’t required
  3. No alcoholic beverages on board
  4. Life jackets are required on the boat, however, they don’t need to be worn during the voyage

Hot Tub Boats Canada also hopes to expand operations into Vancouver and Kelowna in the near future.

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