Highest Ranked Hot Tub Brands By Pool and Spa Professionals

In a recent issue of Pool and Spa News, dated September 16th 2019, the results of survey seeking to find the highest ranking brands in the pool and spa industry were revealed. The survey was done by PSN with the help of The Farnsworth Group, an Indiana based market research firm. According to the article PSN surveyed 887 pool and spa industry professionals which included pool builders, spa builders, spa retailers, and pool and spa service professionals to identify which brands were the most highly regarded in 20 product categories.

Brand studies and surveys can be persuasive based on who is funding them but in this particular case we felt the results of the survey were relevant to potential hot tub buyers because the recommendations came within the industry from pool and spa professionals giving an industry perspective on quality, brand familiarity, and brands most used. It is also interesting to note that the most familiar brands weren’t always the highest quality brands.

Here’s a quick overview of the spas and hot tubs results:

Hot Tub Brand Familiarity Category (Brand Awareness)

Jacuzzi 82%

Cal Spas 72%

Bullfrog Spas 70%

Highest Overall Quality Hot Tub Brand Category

Jacuzzi 16%

Bullfrog Spas 14%

Hot Spring Spas 12%

Hot Tub Brands Used Most Category

Jacuzzi 15%

Caldera Spas 11%

Hot Spring Spas 10%

It comes as no surprise that the most dominant brand in terms of familiarity is Jacuzzi as the name has been synonymous with hot tubs for nearly 60 years. They were pioneers in the hot tub industry and maintained their brand dominance by consistently delivering quality products which is why they are the only brand that tops the rankings in brand familiarity, overall quality and brands most used. They are also on the Hot Tub Insider Top 10 hot tub brands list.

To find more detailed results of the survey look for the Sept 16th, 2019, Volume 58, Number 13 issue of Pool and Spa News.

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