Good things come in small sizes – Why 2 Person Hot Tubs Are Becoming So Popular

2 person hot tubsOver the past five years the hot tub industry has seen a trend in consumers moving away from larger hot tubs to smaller, more personal sized hot tubs fit for two people. We’ve identified several reasons for this consumer trend that we will explain in detail below.

1.) Homes and lot sizes are getting smaller. This leaves less room for extras and requires more efficient use of space. Especially in-city homes which are comprised of townhomes with tiny patios or condos with small balconies. Bottom line if you want a hot tub in these particular applications then you have to go smaller and more compact.

2.)  Downsizing an existing hot tub is a major reason coming from second time hot tub buyers. Hot tub dealers are seeing second time hot tub buyers coming in and asking for smaller hot tubs because their kids are grown and that it’s just the two of them now. A two person hot tub is all they want or need.

3.)  Affordability is a key driver of smaller hot tub sales. Smaller hot tubs are generally less expensive so there is a bigger audience for these.  Smaller spas have less water capacity  (100-200 gallons) which mean they are more efficient and cheaper to heat.

4.)  Simplicity is always a desired trait especially when it comes to taking a little time out of your day to relax like soaking in a hot tub. We all know electronics are becoming more and more sophisticated and complex and when it comes to a hot tub less is more. A simple, basic hot tub has less to go wrong with it, is easier to operate, and easier to take care of.

5.) Convenience is another cornerstone to a small 2 person hot tub as it is typically a 110v plug and play system that requires no special electrical work. You simply plug it in to a regular, dedicated 110v outlet and your off and running. This also make it extremely simple to move or take with you if you sell your home.
In fact, several manufactures have created entire lines of spas fit for 2 people or 3 people.

Here’s a list of brands with a nice variety of smaller hot tubs;

1.) Cal Spas – Veranda Spas – The Veranda Spas line has three models that are designed for 2 people. The Veranda Spas are only four foot in width and just over seven foot in length. They come in 18, 20, or 22 jets. Veranda Spas are also available with nice options like LED lights, waterfall, or sound system.

2.) Artesian Spas – Garden Spas – The Garden Spas line has 8 models total and six of them are two person hot tubs.

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