Delayed Hot Tub Orders Taking 3-6 Months

Can you get a hot tub or swim spa between now and the end of 2021? Not likely unless you’ve got a serious connection or just get lucky. The pandemic has caused a huge spike in hot tub and swim spas sales since April of 2020 and there’s been no signs of slowing down according to dealers and manufacturers across the country. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Business Journal, hot tub sales are up 25% on average for the year (according to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance) . To give some perspective on the subject, a typical hot tub order takes 4-8 weeks for production from the time the order is placed, however, the state lockdowns, social distancing mandates in the work place, and other bottlenecks with suppliers in the industry has caused serious backlogs to the tune three to six months delays in hot tub and swim spa orders. Aside from the circumstantial problems with reduced hot tub manufacturing due to COVID-19 there is the increased demand which many manufacturers were not prepared for because they simply don’t have the capacity to deal with the large volumes of orders. This has forced many manufacturers into running extra shifts to increase production and capacity.

The supply and demand issue has had some monetary impact on consumers as some hot tub manufacturers and dealers have had to impose price increases to offset incremental costs in doing business during the pandemic.

There has been some concerns that some hot tub dealers, retailers, and sales reps are giving false or erroneous lead times to buyers in order to “get the sale” in some cases promising 3-4 weeks and it’s taking 12-24 weeks. Some of the complaints have been brought to our attention and we would urge you to comment on this article or leave a comment or review on the manufacturer or dealer that you purchased from so other buyers can be made aware of the problem and can address it in advance with that particular dealer before purchasing.

Another interesting thing to note is that online retailers big and small have been equally effected by supply issues. Even seems to have temporarily suspended hot tub sales for the time being.

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by Kalli on Hot Tub Insider
Master swim spa delays

Purchased a Michael Phelps swim spa in Nov 2020. Vendor Hot Tb Emporium in Rocklin CA. We were told to expect 8 month production time. Now, 10 months after placing deposit, vendor says pool not in production yet with now idea of time frame for delivery. Very poor communication btwn manufacturers, vendor and customer

by Bernadette on Hot Tub Insider
One year later

We ordered an aqua living dual temp swim spa last September from a Cranston Rhode Island establishment. No updates less you beg They have half our money.
After being told time and again it would arrive in the near future we are now being told it is being manufactured in October
Disgraceful lying going on by this company.

15 thoughts on “Delayed Hot Tub Orders Taking 3-6 Months

  1. Yes, indeed. I ordered an American Spas tub from Lowe’s on October 1st, with a delivery date of October 28th. They have changed the delivery date 7 times now and the current delivery date is March 20th, almost 6 months after I ordered it. I have zero confidence that they will hit that date so I’m canceling and ordering from another vendor who says they have a tub on a truck coming the end of February.

    By the way, Lowe’s customer service stinks. They do not contact me when they change the date. I have had to contact the manufacturer for updates. I will never buy from Lowe’s again.

  2. Ordered in October and still waiting. Been told they are working on September orders right now.

  3. It’s 2021 now and the situation is still getting worse. Even simple hot tub kits from wayfair are showing “Get it in 30+ weeks” on the listing.
    I’ve ordered one in March, but no idea when it will actually even ship. Maybe it will get here by fall.

  4. Ugh! We ordered one October and were promised a 2/1 date…..then “delayed for month or two” then I promise by second week of May, now….I have no idea there are over 100 orders delayed……

  5. Ordered in November and were just told it might go into production by end of July. Won’t know until June wherther that’s true.

  6. Ordered a Jacuzzi is September 2020. Pushed out again and again. Now ‘scheduled’ for June 2021. Responses from Jacuzzi of Wilmington slow if at all when I try to call or text.

  7. Ordered a swim spa September 2020 (Labor day weekend), 4 delays later, assurances from the manufacturer and dealer stating I would have it June 2021. Today received notice after I have had to continually follow up, they are now saying August 2021. IF and that is a big IF I get it then it will have been 11 months since the order.

  8. Ordered a hot tub in August 2020, were told 20 weeks which would have put it right around Christmas/New Years Eve. Every time I call they just tell me “it’ll be about two months” so I have had promises of December, February, April and June. It’s now June 2021 so it has been ten months since we ordered with no end in sight and the same rhetoric every time I call.

  9. Ordered in March 2021, from HotSprings (west Fargo ND store). We were initially told beginning of June/end of May. Changed to end of June/beginning of July. Changed again to June 23. In a SHOCKING turn of events, we did not take deliver on that date; rather they told us it would be within the next two weeks, but couldn’t nail and date as it was being delivered on a train. Smdh.

  10. Ordered my tub early August 2020 from Beachcomber, was promised a November delivery date. Then was told a February 2021 date due to the factory closing down numerous times because of COVID. They did not contact me. I contacted them in March, April, May, June and was told it was on its way each time…..It is July 13th and nothing…..

  11. Ordeed mine from Paradise Spas in Austin in November. Got HOA approval and paid in full December. Promised a May delivery, June at latest. Now on 4th person working at Paradise…still not in production.
    Worse than used car industry that you pay in full to be placed in queue.
    If still not in production by 1 August, no reason for not giving customers a full refund.
    Horrible industry practices.

  12. Ordered a 13′ Coast Swim Spa in April 2021. Put half payment down being told that it was one of the two that the local Utah distributor had “in stock.” We have our backyard torn up and ready for install and landscapers lined up after being told a June delivery date. That was moved to September delivery date. Just found out today that it will be more like November or December. IF we are lucky. All we hear is there is a resin shortage. We had to give up our spot with the landscaper – at this rate we won’t be seeing a spa or completed back yard for another year. It’s just a big hole and giant mud pit.

  13. Ordered a Sundance Optimas spa in February from Paradise SPAS IN san Jose. They said we got lucky as we got a cancellation if we would compromise on color. We paid a downpayment and mid July came and no spa or communication from vendor. This has gone on for months now and they are saying delivery expected in MID October now. Very poor communication from suppliers and vendors. Prices are extremely high and service.very poor.

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