ConnectedYard Expands into the Hot Tub Market with Nordic Hot Tubs Partnership

San Jose, CA based ConnectedYard recently announced a partnership with Nordic Hot Tubs to roll out a hot tub version of its award winning pHin water monitoring system. The new system will be an inline installed adapter (versus a floater) that will be available in all of the 2019 Nordic Hot Tub models (North America only).  The inline adapter will be installed directly into the plumbing  which will then smart-enable the hot tub. The system will analyze and monitor the hot tub water chemistry and send the data over WiFi directly to the consumer through the smartphone app and will also make the information available to dealers and manufacturers via the Partner Portal.  The innovative system is designed to make hot tub ownership lower maintenance and simple with round the clock monitoring and notifications when the owner needs to take action to balance and maintain their hot tub water.  Improved water management will extend the life of the hot tub and reduce maintenance and repair costs. The Partner Portal also provides dealers and manufacturers with analysis and deeper understanding of consumer behaviors, maintenance habits, and water management which they can use to better service their customers and improve product design.

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