Coast Spas Releases New 21 Foot Swim Spa – “2100 VE”

Canadian hot tub manufacturer, Coast Spas is not pulling any punches in the swim spa market as they continue to add innovative models and features. The latest addition to the Coast Swim Spas Collection is the 2100 VE. The 2100 VE swim spa is 21′ long and features a vanishing edge which has become the signature mark of Coast Spas. It also comes packed with 67 jets placed along therapy seats as well as two full length standup massage stations to provide full body therapy for bathers. Another unique and cool features of the 2100 VE is a strategically placed “river swim jet” at the bottom of the swim spa (on the swim current side) that pushes water up (and away) on the swimmer to keep them from sinking as they are swimming which helps provide buoyancy and resistance at the same time making it easier to swim in the swim spa.

The 2100 VE also comes in two versions. The 2100 VE Wellness Spa Series and the 2100 VE Wellness Spa X Series. The former features 5 x 5hp pumps and the latter (X Series) features 2 x 5hp pumps and 3 variable flow pumps that provide a more adjustable swim current.

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Coast Swim Collection 2100 VE
Coast Swim Collection 2100 VE – River jet on floor for added buoyancy

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