Cal Spas Takes Portable Hot Tub Customization To A Whole New Level with U-Select™

Having been in hot tub retail for nearly 17 years I think I’ve seen and heard it all.  So many times a consumer would walk into a showroom and ask the question,  “Can you add jets here or take away jets there?” in an effort to customize a hot tub the way they want it.  With the exception of Bullfrog Spas and their patented jet pack system, no other portable hot tub manufacturer has offered true jet customizations.  Well Pomona, CA based Cal Spas is giving consumers what they want with their new Cal Spas U-Select™ option.  In a nut shell, Cal Spas has made their new Platinum Plus series of spas fully customizable.  Meaning that you are able to choose any of the four Platinum Plus hot tub models (Huntington, Carmel, Laguna, La Jolla) and customize the jet configuration in the individual hot tub seats to suit your therapeutic needs.  Currently Cal Spas offers 10 unique jet configurations that can be selected for each of the seats in the hot tub.   Each configuration is unique and offers a different type of hydrotherapy experience for the user.  It is a very personalized buying experience to walk into a show room and sit in the hot tub that fits your body best and then outfit each seat with the jet selection you like best. 

It is important to note that once an order is placed and the hot tub is manufactured then no alterations or changes to the jetting can be made. 

The 10 jet configurations currently offered are:

  1. Tranquil – 8 jets 
  2. Rain – 46 jets (small)
  3. Sensation – 5 jets
  4. Complete – 12 jets
  5. Smart – 12 jets 
  6. Circuit – 8 jets
  7. Trigger – 10 jets
  8. Healthy – 10 jets
  9. Target – 8 jets
  10. Focus – 9 jets

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