Best Corner Spas and Triangle Hot Tubs for 2019

Have a small backyard or limited patio space for hot tub or spa? Corner hot tubs or triangle shaped spas are a great option to give you the therapy you need while not taking up valuable deck or patio space.  We’ve compiled a complete list of these space saving hot tubs that are sure to meet your taste and budget.  Many of these models are also available in a 110v plug and play so that they are as convenient as they are practical for small backyards.

  1. American Whirlpool 261 Corner Spa – 24 jets model with a lounger, cool down seat, and regular seat.
  2. Artesian Spas Garden Series “Camelia”
  3. Artesian Spas South Seas Series “627C”
  4. Caldera Spas “Aventine” – Minimalistic 2 person corner unit with two bucket seats.
  5. Cal Spas “Vista PZ-617T”
  6. Dynasty Spas “C316” and “C324” Corner Hot Tub – Available in a 16 jets 110v model or more therapeutic 24 jets model. Features a lounger, bucket seat, and cool down area.
  7. Nordic Hot Tubs “D’Amour” – 2 person, heart shaped hot tub available in a 110v version with a smaller pump or 220v version with bigger pump.
  8. Four Winds Spas “Aruba I”
  9. Four Winds Spas “FW100”
  10. Hotspring Spas “Hot Spot TX-2″ – Corner hot tub with two bucket seats featuring a moto-massage in one of the seats. 68.5″ x 68.5″ x 29”
  11. Marquis Spas “Rendezvous” Triangle Hot Tub – 2-3 person unit featuring 3 bucket seats.  Capable of running on 110v plug and play.
  12. Master Spas Twilight Series “TS240” Corner Spa  – Powerful two pump system and 26 jets.  Featuring a lounger and two bucket seats.
  13. Pinnacle Spas “PS616” or “PS626” – Available as a 16 jets (PS616) model capable of running on 11ov or 26 jets (PS626) model with a larger pump.  Features a lounger and two buckets seats.
  14. Premium Leisure Go Spas “GO 616” or “GO 626” – Available as a 16 jets (PS616) model capable of running on 11ov or 26 jets (PS626) model with a larger pump. Features a lounger and two buckets seats.
  15. Signature Spas “SS-2” – Features one lounger and two bucket seats.
  16. Sundance Spas “Tacoma” – Features three bucket seats. 68″ x 68″ x 31″
  17. Vita Spa “Amour” – Uniquely shaped corner hot tub with a lounger and one bucket seat. 78″ x 66.5″ x 30″

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