Artesian Spa Releases All New “Core Swimmer” as Part of the Tidal Fit Line of Swim Spas

artesian core swimmer Finally, a manufacturer has released a 14′ swim and exercise only swim spa model targeted at the mid-range swim spa buyer.  That manufacturer is Artesian Spas of Las Vegas, NV.   The release comes as part of their Tidal Fit Series of exercise pools and swim spas and the model is called the “Core Swimmer“.  There’s been some pent up demand over recent years from swim spa buyers looking for a simple swim and exercise only, portable swim spa.   Historically, swim spas of any size have come with hydrotherapy jets and hydrotherapy seating which takes up valuable swim and exercise space.  The other problem with having hydrotherapy jets and seating is that its not very practical in a pool of that size.  Most swim spas range between 1300-3500 gallons of water capacity depending on length and it’s not practical or economical to make drastic changes in temperature considering most people swim in about 80-90 degrees temperatures and they hot tub in 100-104 degree temperatures.  For example, if you swam in the morning at 85 degrees and wanted to use it as a true hot tub later that evening you would have to turn up the temperature to 100 or more degrees and wait several hours (or more depending on the time of year) for it to heat up and then you would have to turn it down again to swim again.  You can imagine that this is not friendly on your electric bill nor is it convenient.  In most cases it is more optimal to have a dual temperature swim spa or two separate units entirely.

The Core Swimmer is sure to be a hit in the market as it is a homerun in all of these categories;

  1. Meet Demand in the Market Place – available as a portable swim spa and an semi-in-ground swim spa
  2. Optimal Layout – no therapy seats and only steps intelligently placed on the sides of the swim spa and on one end
  3. Size – Artesian chose this layout in a 14′ model as it is the most popular size of swim spa sold in the industry
  4. Price – the exact price has not been disclosed but we feel give their other models that the Core Swimmer should retail between $15,000-18,000 depending on options and upgrades.

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