Are Hot Tubs Okay for Dry Skin?

Unfortunately, many individuals contend with parched or excessively dry skin. Mindfully using a Wellis hot tubs may serve as an adjunctive remedy in such instances as skin health can be upheld with careful consideration to other factors listed below. While it’s generally permissible to use a hot tub with dry skin, several factors warrant attention:

  1. Balanced Water PH: PH levels for hot tub water should be between 7.2 – 7.8. Low levels of PH make the water more acidic and can pull moisture out of the skin and therefore make it dryer. Make sure your spas pH is balanced to reduce any negative impacts on the skin. It’s important to note that proper PH level
  2. Moisturize: Dry skin may experience irritation in hot water, thus it is prudent to moisturize your skin prior to and following hot tub use. Conducting a test bath or applying a moisturizing cream beforehand is advisable.
  3. Briefer Sessions: To avert exacerbating dry skin, restrict your time in the hot tub to prevent prolonged exposure to hot water. Sessions of approximately 10-15 minutes are often recommended, providing ample time to unwind and relax in your Wellis hot tub.
  4. Maintain Hydration: Consume ample water prior to and after hot tub use to sustain hydration levels, as prolonged immersion in hot water may induce dehydration. Sweet beverages and alcohol are best avoided before hot tub sessions.
  5. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Ensure that hot tub water chemistry is adequately balanced and maintained to preclude potential skin irritation from harsh chemicals. Post-use, rinse off with clean water to eliminate any lingering chemicals from your skin.
  6. Pat Yourself Dry – When exiting the hot tub make sure that you dry yourself off by patting yourself gently and not rubbing the towel against your skin.
  7. Seek Dermatological Advice: Should you have any specific skin conditions or concerns, consulting with a dermatologist before hot tub use is advisable to determine its compatibility with your skin type. If deemed safe by your physician, indulge in the comforting bubbles of your hot tub!

In essence, using a hot tub with dry skin is generally safe provided precautions are taken to shield your skin and monitor for any indications of irritation or discomfort. If uncertainty or concerns arise, consulting a healthcare professional is always prudent.

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