AquaTerra Viceroy Hot Tub Reviewed!

AquaTerra Spa, the famed hot tub brand, has stepped up its game. The online hot tub brand sold exclusively through Costco and owned by hot tub manufacturing behemoth Watkins Wellness (which also owns HotSpring Spas and Caldera Spas) has released its most premium model yet, the Viceroy. The Viceroy is a HotSpring Hot Spot series and Caldera Vacanza series killer! Well almost, it’s more like a poor man’s Vacanza or Hot Spot. That being said, for those looking at $10-12k Hot Spot Rhythm / Relay or Vacanza Marino / Vanto then the Viceroy is a great option at around $8k on Similar aesthetics, more jets (72), and more features grace the AquaTerra Viceroy at a much less expensive price point. The Viceroy is also available in two models…one with a lounger that seats 6 and one without a lounger (all seats) that fits 7 people.

Watkins Wellness has always done a pretty good job of both separating big box retail brands and premium dealer brands, however, this new release seems to overlap the boundaries of value and luxury. Add free delivery, cover, steps, and chemicals to the price and it’s an even better value for buyer’s looking to get a nice tub without paying an arm and a leg. I guess you can’t blame Watkins as the hot tub industry is returning to pre-pandemic levels in the face of a slowing economy, higher interest rates (affecting premium hot tub dealers), and a more price-sensitive consumer.

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