All New Artesian Elite Spas Unveiled

Eagle Crest Spa - Artesian EliteArtesian Spas, based in Las Vegas, has revamped their flagship series of luxury hot tubs and spas and also given them a new name. Formerly called the Platinum Elite Series, they are now called the Artesian Elite Series. It’s been 10 years since the last major overhaul and given the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail you can why it has taken so long for the new models to be engineered, designed, and released.

Artesian has also released an all new model as part of the Artesian Elites Series lineup, the Eagle Crest. The Eagle Crest is a seven foot by seven foot lounger model which is sure to please for someone looking for all of the refined luxury but in a smaller size.


Artesian Elite New Line Up of Hot Tubs:

1. Eagle Crest
2. Quail Ridge
3. Piper Glen
4. Dove Canyon
5. Pelican Bay

Notable Changes and Upgrades:

1. Color touch screen control panels (SpaTouch 2 by Balboa Instruments)
2. Newly designed variable flow auxiliary control panels (4-5 in each model)
3. Dual circulation pumps. One of the two is exclusively for running the water features
4. All new jets designs dubbed the “H20 PowerFlow Jets”
5. “Midnight Glow LED Lighting” which lights the cabinet and ground effects lighting around the whole perimeter of the hot tub
6. “AllegroFall” is an all new branded 20+ inch waterfall
7. “BellagioFalls” – four strategically placed water features along the top rail of the spa
8. Raised back design which gives the models an very elegant and unique look
9. Collared Neck and Shoulder blaster seat with four jets
10. Dual FootBlasters

We truly believe that Artesian has given the market what it has wanted for some time with these new models.

Also of importance for those liking the features of the Artesian Elites but wanting a more budget minded option is Island Elites models. The Island Elite models fall at the top end the Island Series Spas and boast some similar features and performance.

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