Watkins Wellness Expands Specialty Products Offering by Acquiring Sauna360

Watkins Wellness, a renowned leader in the hot tubs and swim spa industry, has exciting news to share! They have just announced their plan to expand their range of personal well-being products by entering the sauna category through the pending acquisition of Sauna360 Group Oy, a prominent global manufacturer of sauna solutions. In our opinion, this acquisition comes as little surprise as Sauna360 and Watkins have had a symbiotic relationship for nearly a decade by complementing each other’s products in specialty dealer showrooms across the United States.

Sauna360 boasts an impressive group of offerings, featuring a variety of saunas, including traditional, infrared, and wood-burning saunas, as well as steam showers, rooms, and generators. These exceptional products are sold under well-known brands like Tylö, Helo, Kastor, Finnleo, and Amerec, catering to customers not only in the United States and Europe but also worldwide.

The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to be finalized in the third quarter. Once completed, it will be part of Masco Corporation, Watkins Wellness’ parent company, which aims to further enhance its already exceptional product lineup which includes Hotspring Spas, Caldera Spas, Freeflow Spas, AquaTerra Spas, and Endless Pools.

Sauna360’s history dates back to 2008 when two leading sauna companies, Helo and Tylö, merged. With such a strong foundation and a rich history, they bring decades of industry knowledge and experience to the table. Headquartered in Finland, Sauna360 operates in various countries, with approximately 180 employees across Finland, Sweden, the United States, and England.

As for Watkins Wellness, the company has been dedicated to promoting residential wellness products since its establishment in 1977. Their product offerings has expanded over the years and now includes reputable brands such as Hot Spring® Spas, Caldera® Spas, Freeflow® Spas, Fantasy® Spas, and Endless Pools® Fitness Systems. These products are primarily sold through a retail dealer network, consisting of more than 1,000 specialty dealers across the globe.

The forthcoming partnership between Watkins Wellness and Sauna360 is expected to drive mutual growth and to provide better service for dealers and consumers. With their combined expertise and resources, they are poised to make a positive impact on the well-being of people around the world

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