Walk-In Portable Hot Tubs – Coming Soon!

With so many aging Americans facing mobility concerns a traditional hot tub may not be a safe and easy way to enjoy the benefits of hot water therapy.  The hot tub industry has tried to address concerns related to safety and mobility by offering shorter profile hot tubs (30” height) and an array of safety accessories such as handrails and motorized lifts, however, for an individual with a major disability, handicap, or other mobility concerns a traditional hot tub still doesn’t fully address accessibility into and out of the hot tub.  Interestingly enough, the hot tub industry is taking a page out of the bathtub industry book and seeking to develop a walk in hot tub.  Walk-in bathtubs are now flooding the market as viable solutions for the aforementioned mobility concerns and there are even walk-in bathtubs that are jetted so that one can enjoy a true hydrotherapy experience.  The issue with these is the same as its been with regular jetted bathtubs that get put in homes every day but go unused because they aren’t convenient to fill up, heat, and drain after every use.  One can spend an hour just in preparation for a jetted bathtub experience.  The hot tub industry is trying to innovate and create a hot tub that has all of the benefits of a traditional hot tub (larger, always filled and heated, better hydrotherapy, and low maintenance) and all of the safety benefits and accessibility of a walk-in bathtub.  These new designs will feature a door entry with low step-in, conveniently placed grab rails, and non-slip surface.  It may be a few more years before these units go into full production but rest assured that the hot tub and spa industry is aware of the opportunity and need for such a product.  Some manufacturers have gone as far as building prototypes but these units needed to be fully tested before hitting market.  As usual, we at Hot Tub Insider will continue to bring you the latest news and updates on this and other new hot tub industry innovations.

Walk In Hot Tub
Walk In Hot Tub
Walk In Hot Tub Therapy Seat
Walk in Hot Tub Therapy Seat

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14 thoughts on “Walk-In Portable Hot Tubs – Coming Soon!

    1. Hi Patrick. These uniquely designed walk-in hot tubs were debuted approximately 4-5 years ago at a national pool and spa trade show. At that time they only had a prototype. Not sure when they will come to market with production models.

  1. Yes I know; I’ve been following this easy entry hot tub for approximately five years.
    I’ve seen their videos.

  2. My husband is a stroke patient. It’s been 3 years now and he is still slowly increasing his amount of walking. He suffers from muscle cramps at night after walking, this would be great to relax his muscles, he misses our hot tub due to not being able to climb up and into it. If you need test people that are handicapped he’s up to try it. Thanks

  3. What companies have developed a prototype? I am disabled and in 24/7 pain- I have been looking for something like this.

  4. We needed to let go of our hot tub because of the stairs. Have missed it so much. Would love to try this! Please let us know when available.

  5. Yes, please. My husband is a disabled three war veteran. We need this walk in hot tub now. What is their hold up? We have the place and the $$ to purchase. Let’s go!

  6. My 72 Year old mother suffered a stroke and lost the ability to safely go in the hot tub with the stairs.
    I would be so interested in this so she could get in the hot tub and benefit from its hydro therapy.
    Keep me in the loop when this is ready to sell.

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