Vortex Spas of Australia Releases Revlutionary New “Ikon” Hot Tub

Vortex Leisure Spas of Australia has finally released their new “Ikon Spa” after three years in the making.  The new revolutionary design  is unlike anything the spa industry has ever seen.  It’s simply “a hot tub reimagined” that was designed by world renowned architect Jorgen Anderson and industrial designer Alain Brideson.  The unique design is departure from the typical square box like appearance of most portable hot tubs manufactured today. It’s more of a piece of art that’s meant to be showcased rather than hidden or buried in a backyard. The interior boasts a very open barrier free seating allowing bathers to easily move around from seat to seat. The exterior cabinet is very sleek and linear with all of its unique angles.  The cabinet also has no visible screws and the finish is immaculate.  Even the toprail of the spa which doubles as a shelf for beverages, towels, and snacks has appearance of the deck of a high end yacht.

Our hats off to Vortex on this project.  It’s this type of out of the box thinking that helps the hot tub industry evolve and progress.

Ikon Vortex hot tub Viking Spas

Hot Tub manufacturer, Viking Spas of Michigan, will be the United States distributor of the product.

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