Viking Spas Adds Swim Spa Models

Viking Spas of Wyoming, MI has been a family owned, regional hot tub manufacturer since the 1970’s.  Their focus has always been on building an affordable and economical hot tub line for people of all socioeconomic status to enjoy.  Fast forward to today and the company is now taking a bite out of the growing and profitable swim spa market.  Like Viking Spas, many hot tub manufacturers are developing their own swim spa line as that market segment continues to thrive.  Some are organically building their own line of swim spas from scratch and others are private labeling through other larger, more dominant swim spa manufacturers such as the case for Viking.  Viking has partnered with Passion Spas (also out of Michigan) to private label swim spas.  It’s a win win for both the manufacturers as Viking is able to satisfy the demand for swim spas from its dealers that are currently buying from other manufacturers and the partner manufacturer is able to move some additional volume without damaging or cannibalizing it’s own swim spa brand.  Their is also substantial freight savings and synergies as the two suppliers are located less than 30 miles from each other.

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