Use Cold Water Immersion in Your Home: Wellis ICELAND Cold Plunge Tub is here!

As you may know, cold water immersion (CWI) therapy, with its origins dating back to ancient times, has recently surged in popularity, capturing the attention of both fitness enthusiasts and celebrities. The benefits of CWI are undeniable and well-documented.

In response to this growing interest, Wellis Spas are proud to introduce its latest innovation: the Wellis ICELAND Cold Plunge Tub.

wellis cold plunge

What kind of special features are in the new cold tub?

  • Adaptable and Flexible Temperature Control System: Make the water temperature your own by adjusting it to any value you desire, from a chilling 36°F to a cozy 104°F.
  • Smooth Installation: Unveil the elegance of modern simplicity. Easily set up and bask in relaxation — simply position the tub, pour water into it, and tweak the temperature as preferred through either the easy-to-operate control panel or the smartphone app.
  • Style Meets Functionality: Elevate your living space to a realm of sophistication with LED lights gently illuminating your bathtub. Let yourself sink into serenity as you find rejuvenation surrounded by carefully placed four corner LED lights in optimal positions.

Perfect for athletes, health fanatics, those who want to improve their circulation and those who just want a product that can be used with both hot and cold water!

Health Benefits

Improve your body’s recovery post-exercise by promoting relaxation using the best post-workout techniques. The cold-water immersion stimulates your nervous system, resulting in increased mental sharpness due to higher concentration and reduced stress levels. Additionally, improved blood circulation from this practice will not only keep your heart healthy but also strengthen your immune system. In the end, you’ll be revitalized both mentally and physically because of this overall enhancement of blood flow: taking a plunge couldn’t be more refreshing!

Introducing our special product designed with precision to ensure you enjoy like never before when you plunge into cold waters. This masterpiece seamlessly blends the timeless benefits of tradition with the modern charm of sophistication and simplicity — perfect for those looking to elevate their rejuvenation, boost circulation, or take a refreshing plunge in style.

Don’t Miss Out!

Introduce a revolutionary change in how you deal with health. Take your journey to recovery (and optimal wellness) through the Wellis ICELAND Cold Plunge Tub — where a fusion of ancient traditions and state-of-the-art technology is ready to welcome you.

Watch the short video of Wellis ICELAND Cold Plunge Tub and get one today!

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