Types of Hot Tubs – Hot Tub 101

Not all hot tubs are created equally. The hot tub industry has evolved and segmented over the past fifty years which can be broken down into at least seven distinct sub-categories.   These types of hot tubs can be found both online and offline ranging in price from $500-$30,000.   The three key points of differentiation between these sub categories are price, purpose, and aesthetics.  Below is a list in order of popularity from highest to lowest.  You can find a more comprehensive description of each type by clicking on each category. In the descriptions we breakdown the pros and cons of each type when compared to portable hot tubs (self-contained hot tubs) since they remain the most popular, best selling type.

  1. Portable Hot Tubs (acrylic)
  2. Rotationally Molded Hot Tubs (roto-mold)
    1. Freeflow Spas
    2. AquaTerra Spas
    3. AquaRest Spas
    4. Dream Maker Spas
    5. Fantasy Spas
    6. Tuff Spas
    7. Eco Spas
  3. Swim Spas and Exercise Spas
    1. Michael Phelps Swim Spas
    2. Hydropool Swim Spas
    3. Endless Pools
    4. American Whirlpool Spas
    5. TidalFit Spas
  4. In-ground Hot Tubs
  5. Inflatable Hot Tubs
  6. Soft sided Hot Tubs
    1. Softub Spas
  7. Wood Hot Tubs
    1. Northern Lights Hot Tubs

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