Twenty-Five Reasons to Own a Hot Tub or Swim Spa

I’m sure you can think of many good reasons to own a hot tub or swim spa but we figured why not draw from our years of industry experience and provide you with an extensive list to make things easy. You should find enough legitimate reasons here to convince your spouse, significant other, or any other skeptic if they put up a fight. Hot tubs are truly an amazing health and wellness tool that everyone should have akin to a treadmill or other home health and fitness apparatus.

Here are twenty five reasons to own a hot tub:

1. Improved Sleep – A late evening soak in the hot tub raises the body temperature and improves your ability to fall asleep.

2. Arthritis Pain Relief – Hot massaging water improves circulation and blood supply to ailing joints, which helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

3. Sinus Relief- Inhaling the warm and moist air from a hot tub can help open up the nasal passages and relieve sinus pain or pressure

4. Back Pain Relief– Hydrotherapy massage jets that placed along the spine reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.

5. Rehab for Injuries – Hot tubs can play a critical role in rehabilitation from muscle, bone, or joint injuries.

6. Pain Management – the heat and relaxation from hot tubs has been known to release endorphins in the brain that help with pain or discomfort.

7. Fibromyalgia – Hot water exercise can reduce pain, discomfort, and inflammation in patients with fibromyalgia.

8. Diabetes – Studies have showed that people with type 2 diabetes significantly lowered blood sugar with as little as 15-30 minutes a day of soaking in a hot tub

9. Foot Pain Relief – Who doesn’t love a good foot massage? Many hot tubs offer large, high volume foot massage jets that provide a deep focused massage.

10. Relieve Neck Tension -Tension seems to settle in the neck and shoulder areas of the body. Many hot tubs offer neck and shoulder blasters that provide therapeutic massage. These specialized jets typically sit above the water level for maximum coverage.

11. Customizable Massage and Interchangeable Jets – Many therapy hot tubs on the market feature captain’s seats with full body massage and adjustable flow through the jets so that you can dial in just the right amount of water flow and pressure. They also feature interchangeable jets which allow bathers to swap jets of the same size from seat to seat or purchase different jets aftermarket so that you can change up the massage.

12. Low Impact Exercise -Swim and exercise spas offer low impact and high intensity workouts in the comforts and convenience of one’s own home. The buoyancy that aquatic exercises offer is second to none as it relieves pressure on bones and joints.

13. Stretch -Hot water promotes blood flow and allows muscles to relax. This provdies better range of motion for stretching. This is also great for pre and post workouts.

14. Weight Loss – Hot tubs place your body in a hyper-thermic state which increases your body temperature and can burn calories during soaking sessions.

15. Relaxation – Hot water, therapeutic massage jets, music, chromo-therapy LED lights, and waterfalls all promote rest, tranquility, and an overall relaxing environment to reduce anxiety and stress.

16. Aromatherapy and Salts – There is a wide array of aromatherapy, scents, and healing salts designed for hot tubs that can add to the already relaxing and therapeutic effects of a hot tub.

17. Family Time – Like moths to a flame a hot tub can be the center of family recreation in any home. Nothing beats aquatic fun for kids of all ages.

18. Socializing and Entertainment – You would be surprised at how many new friends you acquire when you mention the words “hot tub”. It can be a great place for socializing with friends or loved ones. It’s also a great attraction for parties and gatherings.

19. Backyard Water Feature – A hot tub can also double as a water feature when you’re not using it. Simply take of the cover off and let the soothing sounds of waterfalls and music (stereo) coupled with the warm glow of colored LED lights be a backdrop to a BBQ or outdoor party.

20. Increase Home Value – Hot tubs can add to resale value of your home although some people choose to take their hot tub with them.

21. Hi-Tech Features – Hot tubs today are available with entertainment features like stereos, WiFi connectivity, pop-up LCD TVS, and chromo-therapy LED lights. Just think you could watch your favorite movie or listen to a basketball game while soaking in your hot tub.

22. Convenience – Most hot tubs are designed to run efficiently at a set operating temperature which makes them ready and available on demand. Keep your set temperature between 100-104 degrees and know it’s ready whenever you are.

23. Portability – Most hot tubs are self-contained, portable units which means they can easily be removed and transported from one location to another. In fact, many hot tub owners will move their hot tub from one home to another home if they sell their home.

24. Energy Efficient – A well-built and well insulated hot tub can run as little as $10-15 per month while maintaining a set operating temperature of 100-104 degrees

25. Low Maintenance – today’s hot tubs require very little maintenance and feature things like synthetic cabinetry (no staining or rotting), built-in water purification systems (low chemical usage), and wireless controls.

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